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  1. Book arrived today. Looks good. Thanks Chris. Bob
  2. Email and Paypal sent. Thanks Chris looking forward to receiving the book. Bob
  3. I am sorry to hear about the loss. I met you out there on Saturday when I was digging in the wash and you rode by. Hope you had some kind of insurance on the stuff. You know it wasn't any kind of a prospector that did it because I am sure the nuggets would have been taken. Take care of yourself and hope to see you out there again. Bob
  4. Okay, let me set a couple things straight on the great reporting that was done. I did not tell them my last name because it was not necessary. They never asked me to take them back to where the men were. I showed them on a map that is hanging on the wall in the firestation about where the man I had helped was. I also told them that they were back on the GPAA claims and gave them the names of the claims. I guess the main thing here is that the guys were helped out and that they will be okay. Still kind of pisses me off though. Bob
  5. I went out early this morning to throw some dirt around on some roadrunner claims and as I was putting my equipment away an older gentleman by the name of Dick came walking by. He looked pretty winded and he told me that him and his buddy had driven back in his pickup to some of the GPAA claims. As they went over a hill they realized too late that it was a drop off and the front end went off the edge with the front wheels were left dangling in space. Dick, who is 77, stated that his partner, who is about as old and can't see well, tried for quite a while, but couldn't get the truck unstuck. So Dick headed out to find help. I took Dick back up to the GPAA claims and we searched for an hour, but couldn't find his truck or his buddy. Dick told me that his memory is not what it used to be and he could not remember exactly where the truck was. I tried to get Dick to come with me to the Morristown fire department, but he refused stating that he needed to find his friend. So I gave him all my water and I went into Morristown and talked with some folks at the fire department. They assured me that they would send some folks out to locate Dick and the truck. So, being concerned about Dick's welfare I was wondering if anyone out there in the Morristown area has any idea if these folks were found. Bob
  6. No words can express my feelings. Just know that I am praying for the baby, you and your family. Deepest sympathies, Bob.
  7. I wear 18" high gortex snake proof boots. They are not insulated so they don't get hot in the summer. I have never had a snake strike at them that I know of, but aside from that they give me great ankle support when I am climbing and they will keep me dry when I am in a creek. So even if a snake never does test them for me they are still worth it. They apparently help me to jump far, because one day climbing as I put my foot on a rock that was near a crevice I heard that warning sound loud and clear and must have jumped backward a good ten feet or so. Never did see the snake, he went his way and I went mine. Bob
  8. I looked at the Whites website this morning and saw that the TDI machine is finally out. The asking price is about $1600 which is about what most people want for a used SD 2200. It comes with a 2 year warrenty and is made right here in the good old USA. So far the field reports have only had praise for the detector. I am going to start saving up, I know what I want for Christmas. Bob
  9. The article states that they go gold hunting on the weekends. I don't think I would have told anyone I found that rock until I had looked very hard up and down that stream to see if that rock had any brothers or sisters.
  10. I am extremely jealous, but now 110 degrees doesn't seem that hot to me. Maybe I'll try another spot tomorrow. Finds like that keep my motivation up. Thanks for sharing.
  11. And the Greenies have the nerve to say how prospectors are bad for the enviroment. I hope they choke on their houses.
  12. If this one does well I wonder if the competition will influence the price on Minelabs to come down some.
  13. I find a couple a day when digging. I always wear gloves for numerous reasons and they are one. I just move the little guy to the side and keep on digging.
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