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  1. The best prople I've met in my life were miners/or knew lot's about mining.Willing to share there know how..tell you old stories etc.These weren't electronic beeper fellows,but hands on old timers..no bull....know it alls.Some of the worst are unfortunately metal detectorists who would push their grandma out of the way for a dwt nugget,square nail or beat up old coin..steal your tools and work an obviously occupied area.The forums are great for sharing info with savy fellows helping all..but many lurk and scan the forums for leads on other men's diggings..you know who you are!
  2. Great postings and info..you old fellows sure know stuff not in the books,reports and schools......Dave.
  3. See the photo's of John's quartz gold...and probably less competition on the lode.
  4. http://www.49ermike.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=181&topic_id=83822&mesg_id=83822&page=... who's next?
  5. Greg,I'm not crafty,mechanical and of late not ambitious.Never seen the AG.Looking for a small unit that would run about 5/5gallon buckets of quartz in 2-3 hours or so and powder it to fines.Greg,why not build me one for $500 shipped(ha,ha)....Old miner,if you and 29 prospector got together you could put out quite a book!Been in contact with a fellow for a crusher..if it works out?But still need that powder maker.This would be mostly for my young partner Kuger as I'm falling apart.
  6. Yeah Bill,I've checked that one out as another fellow was kind enough to link me up.A semi friend has a Keene I could buy for $700,but as far I know it's not hardfaced....Old miner,you've got the leprauchans on your side,but yellow jackets and their ilk aren't particular who they seek out.Have you tried to open any of those drifts,or claim them?Sounds like the places I love to sample and dig on.......Dave
  7. Very good details old miner..that drifting has a familar edge to it,without the equipment..coyote holes,hand tools,mostly leave left side standing.That would be a lost mine worth finding.Those are the only type of lost mines I believe in.
  8. Just asking opinions..the Bico/Braun would be great but everyone wants a steep price for a used ball mill/crusher.Very pricey,even in this terrible economy.Would rather downsize the ore by hand and then pulverize in a small ball mill as my late partners and I used to do with a Gibson elyptical ball mill.Foolishly I sold it years ago...such is life.Thanks for the input..any comments or leads on a good ball mill/pulverizer,reasonably priced would be appreciated.In the California motherlode.......Dave
  9. http://www.lmine.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=24664&Category_Code=ball&Store_Code=LMS
  10. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/general-dis...tches-t1125.htm
  11. Eldorado,according to the not too friendly fellow on Finders forum it's an aluminum cleaner.....
  12. The game with the tiles was probably Mah Jong..the older ladies in New York used to play it when I was a kid,including my late mother.Ivory tiles I believe......Dave.
  13. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/general-dis...h-you-t1116.htm
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