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  1. If its the Yaqui Gulch outside of San Andreas all the surrounding property is private and patrolled
  2. That is what I was thinking..........either way,it will have to be melted,and probably already is..........sad
  3. One of these fantasy tokens is the Banana Ranch...which was a real brothel.I have several of these tokens,and have sen them go for BIG money.Problem is a local Antique dealer had them made in the 1970's and sold em for 50 cents.......I could go on and on,I know of three different ones from Virginia City Nev. and at least four from Virginia City Mont.
  4. %99 of all "brothel tokens",that surface in the U.S. are fantasy pieces.....I only know of a few that are(were) the real deal....and yea,they are rare!! An interesting piece I have seen several of now dug are Large Cents,with the "E",replaced with a "U",the examples I have seen are expertly done,it has been said they were possibly of "Brothel",use,but I have seen no evidence to support that theory
  5. LOL!Bob,sure has a way with words!! I piss my money away every time I pull up to the pump!
  6. Just to bring up an older post I wanted to point out that the Chinese have been replicating our older coinage for some time and they dont always put "Copy",on them.Like the fabled Seated Dollar.....BE VERY CAREFUL,%98 of the time its fake.A good friend of mine was taken to the tune of $3000 on some!
  7. Dang good!!!!At that rate your detector will pay for it self!!
  8. First of all thank you Bob,and thank all of you guys!!I really appreciate your kind words especially after ...well no use!LOL!I agree these sites are great for the fact that they bring together shared interest people whom have a deep seated passion for what we do.I am really glad to see the new found activity in this part of the forum!!!!It was near dead back in the day.I will stick around and promise not to be a dik!!
  9. Thanks Denny....a lot of history has been lost in the Gold Rush Country especially.It is sad for sure especially when they are pushing to teach Homosexuality. My family came to Cala County pre 1849!
  10. This is Ohio but a little info on the "eastern",metal points http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/entry.php?rec=1259&nm=Metal-Arrowheads
  11. Thanks guys,no offence taken. In my experience as said points in wet climates dont seem to last,a lot depends on soil as well.In arid climates like N.Mex,Nevada,Arizona etc they seem to hold up well.They do not seem to be common anywhere(as far as I have seen)and I beleive that is because of the period when the Indians were were introduced to the "white Man",he also had guns,which of course was what they wanted(thats just an opinion) Bob,the problem with embellished stories is that it at some point becomes fact,and history is lost.This is seen with any of the Journals of the Fur Trappers,Buffa
  12. I have to go back and read the replies but just wanted to aplologize to Bob,I came off totally wrong and thats just not right.It is stuff like that that makes people not post and I sure dont want that(just dont give too much info as to not have "visitors".So,sorry Bob,and in the future I will see to it that we have constructive conversation.
  13. well,I was done and am somewhat....as to not "derive",from Bobs find any further and I do apologize for coming across like I did,but I for one like to know facts and when facts are known pass them on,but thats here nor there.....Glassjaw actually I do consider myself somewhat of an well versed person on Native American points as I have been collecting them for the past 30+ years and am the kind of person that immerses myself into all can I learn about a subject.#2 yes,as a matter of fact I have found quite a few iron points,#3 Yes I have made LOTS of points with a hammer cold chisel and barrel
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