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  1. Thought about buying a small nugget off of ebay as a test nugget. But that just seems to take the fun out of it. Will just keep digging every target I find.
  2. These two pieces of iron really got my hopes up when I picked them out of the scoop. Thought they were nuggets as small as they are lol.
  3. That's what I was thinking, wondering what the rest of it looked like.
  4. Honestly not sure what this is. Tailing piles everywhere in the dry washes. No water for about 15 miles. No other equipment left behind or any signs of water storage or hauling. Somebody tipped it over for some reason.
  5. The Wyoming prospector association has meeting and outings every month when the weather is nice. Hopefully will be attending on a regular basis and getting to know the other members. Just picked up a dry washer from Idaho Jim. Plan to put that to good use next summer. Been scouting areas where the old timers did alot of dry washing. And the club has a claim right in the middle of that area. The next six months will be a whole lot more reading and waiting for warm weather to come back around.
  6. Yes sir, very understandable and hopefully it didn't sound like complaining. Thankful for people like yourself and Bill among others who create the content they do. And currently enjoying your book. Reading the article and how it described a rookie hitting the ground running almost described my situation to a tee. Was mostly curious to see how many people shared similar stories. And maybe how someone helped them or how they helped someone along the way.
  7. Wouldn't mind going down to Arizona or Nevada one of these days. Vacation time is limited so I am just a weekend warrior for now. South Pass being only 2 hours away makes it easy for day trips though. The origins of gold was one of the questions I started looking for answers pretty quickly. Been reading anything I can find on reliable sources and looking at usgs maps trying to understand how it all comes together. I find spots I want to explore on a map. But when I stand there in person it all seems overwhelming. And feel like searching for that proverbial needle in a haystack. Feel like I am not too far off on approaching it like fishing or hunting. My dad always said they call it fishing not catching. Figure it is somewhat similar with prospecting. I got used to getting skunked fishing before I got decent at catching.
  8. Thank you for the info, heard a few second hand stories but you know how that goes. From what I understood at the last meeting they traded that claim away. But are supposed to be getting it back. I've been told if a person wants to find a lot of gold they would be better off going to Nevada or California. But we have a decent amount for the amount of people picking over it. Trying to squeeze in a couple more trips before hunting season kicks off, then the ground freezes up shortly after.
  9. Already picked up on a few things. I'm in southwest Wyoming. Been running around up by South Pass in that gold district. There is a place near there that the description is very similar to Australia. Weathered in place deposits with very little water movement. That's why I was hoping a metal detector would be useful. But I'll definitely give a dry washer a go. Think I have an idea on a couple places to start. Took me a few years but that old saying about having two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as I speak is finally sinking in.
  10. A dry washer is exactly what I had it mind to get next. Hopefully will be visiting Idaho Jim this Sunday and picking one up from him. But I had the impression that I was going to use the metal detector to find a small piece of gold or two to identify a spot worth running the dry washer. The place that has most of my interest is an eluvial deposit, that according to published data has a significant amount of gold and relatively little work done to recover it. From the data I have found it should be fairly rough gold. The old workings I have found were in washes. But they only have a trickle of water moving through in the spring. I'll definitely keep at it and hopefully can find some of the right questions to ask.
  11. So I was reading the article "gold is not where you find it". And got to the part about needing someone to train you. The description of a guy who does a lot of research. Watched a bunch of videos. Bought a new metal detector and headed for the hills could easily describe me. I did not get into metal detecting or prospecting with any expectations of getting rich or even making it profitable. Just another way to get out in the hills, no different than going fishing or hunting. If a person goes fishing or hunting to save money on dinner they are in it for the wrong reason too. Still doesn't mean they can't look for a trophy or two to show off. Problem is I don't know anyone that can teach me. People keep their secrets guarded and understandably so. But that leaves a guy like me out in the cold stumbling through trying to figure things out. Did join a local prospecting club, and attended a meeting followed by a visit to a claim. But even they all seemed a little standoffish to a new guy. I consider myself pretty meticulous and analytical when it comes to figuring stuff out. Hoping it doesn't take two years or more to find some color. I've found bird shot and pieces of trash as small as the tiniest nugget I've seen on youtube. So feel like I know what I am doing with my detector. Now to just swing it over some gold.
  12. Appreciate you looking into it anyway. Found a work around while at work.
  13. I do have an led uv flashlight, unsure if lw or sw though. Forgot to bring it with.
  14. Still have this by chance? Bigger than I was looking to get. I hear the 151's are difficult to run solo trying to keep them fed?
  15. First noticed it a couple days ago when trying to sign up. No issues when using wifi. Only when I am on the cellular network.
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