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  1. Just gonna keep them in my old travel trailer, hope it won't catch anything on fire though. lol
  2. Just had to share my recent find in the desert :P lol Paid my $3 for it.
  3. Also it is very heavy, very smooth and the streak test makes the streak first few times then kind of stops streaking much.
  4. I found about a hundred small pieces on my acre in dolan springs. At first I thought I was finding meteorites haha, but then the metal detector doesn't go off with it. Only the rare earth magnets pick it up. So then I was trying to find out what could have the orange crystal. Thank you guys, I appreciate all the info.
  5. I'm not sure if it's iron ore, tungsten, any ideas. It's very magnetic, heavy, has orange crystal.
  6. Hi Bob! Thanks! HaHa yes it must be. I think it's Tungsten. Anyway, good luck for you, too!
  7. Stopping by to say hi and that I'm new to rock hounding. We have been searching AZ area and lately we are trying our luck at finding meteorites. We have rocks on our property that are magnetic, very heavy, but don't set off the metal detector lol oh geez
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