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  1. Hey forum members, let's show some support for Bill. It will cost you nothing but a minute of your time. Go to this video and type in Nugget Shooter Journals as the best metal detecting channel on YouTube. Thanks,
  2. American Prospector copper round I got from Jack and Lisa over at Gold Fever Adventures. Pretty cool.
  3. I do not, but if you are looking to get one Bill could most likely help you out.
  4. So something I noticed when digging a target. When I find a target, and put it on pinpoint and zero in, when I set the detector down, it starts a constant squeeze. Not all the time, just sometimes. If I pick it back up, it will stop.. I always do noise cancel as soon as I turn it on first thing, and always ground vallance, then put it into auto ground ballance. It will do it with both 11 inch and 6 inch coils.next time I will try and do a video. Any ideas?
  5. The 6 inch coil came in today. I am very excited about getting out with it. Thanks Bill!
  6. Did a little beeping yesterday, got skunked, unless we are counting trash, in which case I scored big 😉
  7. Welcome. Glad to see you made it. Nice connecting today
  8. Okay I will play along. I just subscribed and of course gave props to Bill. He is why I am here, and also why I purchased my Nox 800. D
  9. So am pondering getting into rock tumbling. More so for gems, but also for any cool rocks I pick up. I have been looking at Lortone, are there any others any of you know of? Also media, where do you get it? Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes you can find cool things in the city too. People drop stuff all the time. A couple of my favorite places I have found for coins are the ball fields (you will hit lots of junk, but I have found little trinkets and some change by the bleachers), and in the city parks. I detect in the sand traps where people play volleyball (have found quite a bit of change in those), and near trees where people lay (change falls out of pockets all the time). Just make sure you know the local laws and ordinances. In our city it's surface detecting only. No digging in the parks. This is okay with me though, because there is still plenty to be found For instance, we have October Fest happening in the main city park this weekend. Lots of beer tents,, music, food, bands and all that jazz.. When that ends I will go in there and detect it, people who party always drop change, necklaces, rings and all kinds of good stuff. Next we have the festival of the southwest. Again, people always drop stuff at carnivals, and stuff falls out of pockets in rides too. Ride Jockie's find some of it, but lots is left behind. The down side is there is a lot of trash left behind, beer can tabs, bottle tops, stuff like that. Should be interesting, I hope to find some stuff, if I do, I will post pictures. If I get skunked. I will fess up to it too. D
  11. Some you you all I think know Jack over at Gold Fever Adventures. For those that don't you should go subscribe to his YouTube. Jack does all kinds of cool stuff and he is a pretty cool guy too. I was watching his live stream about a week ago, and won a hat in a GAW. Those of you that travel, he has an RV park you can visit and do some prospecting. Here is the link. http://www.goldfeveradventuresandresort.com/
  12. Welcome to the forum. GM 1000 is a great machine.
  13. Funny isn't it. I have been told a place has been over picked, yet come out with gold. I have seen others pull gold where some say there is none. Gold is where you find it, lol. No, you just have to know where to look for it.... Big difference........
  14. My love for the Tacoma goes back to my Gen 1. In truth I am a huge Jeep fan, and built a few. Not a fan of the Penastar. Lots of people under estimate the Tacoma. Factory set up is pretty stout, and it can wheel with the best of then. When I purchased it, the dealer said I should get a pro. My response was tell me why I should give you 10K more for pretty much the same truck as the Off Road package besides a few comfort elements and Fox shocks. I plan to lift it, so those Fox shocks are coming off anyhow, so I might as well just take 10K and throw it in the trash can. He was dumbfounded. If I wasn't planning to lift it, maybe the Pro with the Fox shocks, but because I am lifting it, that makes no sense. Outside of the Fox shocks, the TRD Off Road and TRD Pro are basically the same truck. Oh hea amd the Pro comes with nice rims, but again, they are going away, so moot point.
  15. To add pictures, when writing scroll down. There is a paper clip and a box that says add files. Click it and you can attach pictures. I loved living out there. I lived in the Fairfax Annandale area. Out west now, been in AZ for many, many years after leaving Panama for good. I am down here in Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca. We are a stones throw from Tombstone amd Bisbee (Copper Queen Mine). The history in this area is insane. Not too far from here is a little town called Sonoita, Vinyard country, and where they filmed a lot of Little House on the Prarie. Landon loved this area as did John Wayne. The Clanton ranch is still near by, and Murry springs clovis site (where they killed wolly mammoth) is also close by. Jesse James was here also. The great Geranimo war chief roamed this area as did Cochise (I live in Cochise County). Cochise County is is the 3rd largest gold producing County in AZ. Along with gold copper and silver as well. The Buffalo Solders were also stationed here, Fort Huachuis considered the home of the Buffalo Solders. Very rich history here, I guess like anywhere else, I often think of the old west. I love the desert, it has a beauty that most people will never understand.
  16. Yup I did see that. Tried to register but needs admin approval and so will see how that goes. I did a review video of his paydirt some 7 years ago or so, he had good dirt. Would be cool to connect again. Thanks for the info.
  17. I realize how old this thread is, I wonder what ever happened to Randy.
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