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  1. That's the pear tree that I mentioned above, with my detector and digger, leaning against it. I spent most of my time in the timber, but that's the way it is around the old house site. Tall grass.
  2. Hmmm. Seneca, is named for the Seneca indians, it's about an hour drive from here. Beautiful and big country in that area. If your Dad grew up in that area, good chance that I know some of your family. Do a search: Seneca. You guys need to get up to snuff on your West Virginia history. Years ago I worked over in the Shenandoah Valley, over around New Market and all. I've let a few of my local friends look at my most recent box of junk, I forgot to mention the harmonica reed that I found the other day. Just junk. But that would have been pretty neat to come back across the mountain 100 years ago, and hear harmonica music. It's been years since I've even heard one. I'm not sure how you post pictures here, is there a tutoral someplace? I might run back up to that property this week? Honestly, I've been thinking about taking a weedeater and rake. I'd like to snoop around the old house site and the spring. But, just like anywhere else, nobody is going to take a pocket full of change, just to go get a bucket of water. But more than likely, someone in the family made that walk everyday. Never know.
  3. Good morning folks. I live in West Virginia, that's where I was detecting. Not far from the Virginia state line, pretty good haul from here where I live. I'll give you a run down on what all kinds of junk I found the other day in a minute. Found a whole box full. I took off the other morning, the dog and I, got to the property a little before Noon. As far as I know there were never any skirmishes or anything like that on the property. The way I understand things, I think there were a few scouts that passed across, taking the high ground. I don't know this property very well, and I'd never been on the place when the leaves were still on the timber. Kind of hard for me to get my bearings, and I could only see 50 or 75 yards. Long story short, I walked past the rock wall that I was looking for, but found another one. I blazed a trail down around one side of the mountain, circled back around the other side. Thinking about it now, I'd bet that the folks had a rail fence boxing in the rock wall. Some kind of little pen where they kept 4 or 5 head of cows, during winter. The old house, if it's where I think it was, it's gone. Just a big pile of rocks, probably the chimney stones? But the grass is up over my knees, can't really get to the ground. But I searched around the best I could, stayed out till almost dark. I didn't count them, dug up around 40 targets. A handfull of rifle bullets and brass, all modern stuff. 2 aluminum funnels, smashed flat. Did find another live rifle shell, not sure but looks to be a 30 WCF. An aluminum arrow and broadhead. Some kind of old handle for a car's window crank. A couple pieces of brass that I can't id. That's about it. The landowner doesn't live on that property, nobody does. There's never been any electric service. But the landowner told me a little bit about the place, when I dropped off his key. I know where the spring is now, know where the other rock wall is located. Pretty sure that one spot was a garden. One thing that I remember about the place, there are 2 pear trees, out 50 yards from the old house site. Deed honest that one pear tree is 26 or 28 inches across the stump. I took a picture of it, that thing has got to be well over 100 years old. And it's got pears on it too. So, when I get a chance, I'll go back up and dig up some more junk. It's just a pain trying to detect when the grass is up over your knees.
  4. This is my first thread on this forum. I'm off work today, and I've got a good spot lined up. A month or so ago I bought myself an Equinox 800. I've only had it out 12 or 15 times so far. Maybe 20 hours on the ground, I'm still learning. I call it #3. After retiring my White's and Fisher machines. Ole #3 is here beside me, fully charged, headphones too. Just waiting for things to clear off, we had a good rain last night, should be pretty good conditions today. I'd tell you where I'm going, but it doesn't even show up on Google Earth. But I will tell you there was some Civil War action and an old homestead on the property. So, I'm going to gather up all my junk and take off in a bit. But I'm confident in finding some junk. And maybe, just maybe, some good junk. Very good chance I'll find a rattlesnake too. We shall see
  5. Not sure what to say, I like to hunt and trap and fish. I spend most of my free time outdoors. Bought my first detector 40 years ago, it's a White's 6000/D. Then got myself a Fisher 1266-X. Recently bought an Equinox 800, I've only had it out a few times, so far. I know of some good places to detect, but my very first trip out with the Equinox, I found a 1913 Dime. So, I figured that was a good omen. I don't know much about the machine, but I'm catching on. Happy hunting everyone. Tim
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