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  1. By chance do you have the 10x5 coiltek for the nox?
  2. Thank you for all that information! Maybe i should have left it out there? Not sure what to do with it now, I dont really want it around. 🤔
  3. Thanks i thought it looked like copper. Shasta County was also a major copper producer. Maybe the old timers threw this stuff out in there search for gold? Or is this something they would have taken to the smelter? If chakras are anything like back bones i could use an alignment after that steep hike with my gpx 4500 all my heavy gear and water
  4. Hi all, im pretty new to the forum. I live in northern california and i detect for gold when i can get time. Its been qute a while since ive been out with all the smoke and heat this year. It cooled down yesterday it was great weather so i went for it. I hiked a few miles it seems over some rugged steep hills and got to a spot that looked promising. There was a couple hard rock mine shafts and piles way up on the hill. This was really steep and theres hand diggings and rock stacks all over the place. I really wanted to check up on the hill in the pile right under adit. This is a known gold area, lots of gold was found here in the past. I got a hot chunk of quartz and this really excited me. It was already cracked and opened up to reveal what was inside...i havnt found one like this. It looks to be copper? Maybe some gold in the mix? I dont know but its definitely interesting.
  5. Nice haul on the nuggets! Well done!
  6. Not a bad idea, its perfectly ok to buy a test nugget. Also a small lead fishing weight or shotgun pellet smashed flat with a hammer will sound just like gold
  7. Congratulations! It takes a little getting use to. But what an awesome unit! I need to get out there and swing mine more often. Im still learning it and im impressed! The sensitivity is amazing with the 6" coil. Great for trashy areas and bedrock crack shooting. I definitely get fooled by some sweet sounding hot rocks... I still need to figure that part out.
  8. I bet that fresh air was nice up there! What a beautiful place!
  9. Its the detectorist not the detector! LOL, i think his trick is keeping your coil at least 1 foot off the ground
  10. Hi all! Im a sick individual with a bad case of gold fever. I love nuggets of all sizes and shapes...mostly yellow ones. Unfortunately i work a lot and dont have as much time to detect as i used too..well the heat and smoke also plays a part in that at the moment.
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