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  1. Very good input thanks all. I think it’s platinum because it’s heavy for its size. Looking at pl nuggets in books and web, you tube, seem very similar. I found it near Mount Diablo, CA. There has been pl found here before.
  2. Non magnetic, harder than fingernails and difficult to scratch with a nail. I have acids to make auquaregia but don’t want to mess it up. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  3. Just joined the group! Been watching a lot of you tube and found you all. Bought a gm1000 because of the fever! Can’t wait to use it.
  4. My son and I just went yesterday to the Yuba just outside Marysville. Right under the bridge. My son found his first 2 flakes and is hooked! I got skunked! Great time. Trash and aluminum foil everywhere like people intentionally messing it up for metal detectors! We were using gm1000 and x705.
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