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  1. Nice area to raise a family too. Almost moved to Rio Rancho. On my way to Taos in 2 weeks, not to hot up there. Hope to meet more gold seekers
  2. Can I just give you a down payment! And pick up later. I may visit a friend in Taos NM. Then make my way to Reno. I know where you are in Az cause I’ve been on the GPAA claim there in Morristown. Call you on Monday. Don’t want to interrupt your Sunday Swing. Patty
  3. I have been collecting fish fossils and I find it really rewarding and now I love Metaldetecting . I love that gold. This is my sons find! The little Knightas fish I make into jewelry. This is called the Green River formation and is way on top of a mountain near the town of Kimmerer, Wy.
  4. Wondering if I could purchase the 6000 from you Bill and have a day outing in your area this winter. I’m leaving Fla in a week and driving out to Reno. I use my monster up in the sierras area and do pretty good but again the fires may keep me out. So there’s always Rye Patch. My first nugget came from there. Hope to do business with you. Patty
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