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  1. Evidently their book sales arn't going to well. Sad! Sad!
  2. Hello Jim, I have always enjoyed your kind and helpfull comments, you are a real trooper. I agree with Wyndham, Christ is the answer and even though our human nature rebells against it, whatever happens in this short life its a win win deal. My prayers are with you. Randall
  3. Hey, Tom, Dean, & Homefire, Glad I caught your thread. Iv been hunting meteorites since '99 and was lucky enough to be in Gold Basin before it got pounded. Helped widen the bounderies of the strewn field. :icon_mrgreen: I had a lot of help, went to a couple of university meteorite departments and studied the ol Rocks from Space book. I'm sure not an expert but feel fairly confident in ID ing a meteorite. So here is the point, We moved back to Alamogordo in feb and I am looking forward to hunting areas between here and El Paso and any other interesting places and dont like to hunt alone. I
  4. Hope so, there is a lot of BLM and some GPAA claims a few miles south of here. The GPA guys and gals are finding a lot of gold with their dry washers. When the weather gets a little coooooler I have plenty of territory to find that undescovered strewn field, How is it going with you? Randall
  5. Ben, Alamogordo is about 90 miles north of ElPaso in NM. Still in cactus and Buzz tail territory. Randall
  6. Caught this ad and thought it might be a good way to check your finds. :confused0013: I have moved to Alamogordo, NM but still enjoy the best forum out there. Hope to find some meteorite hunters around here this fall. Good hunting. Randall http://www.nickelsolution.com/Nickel-Aller...ckel-Alert.html
  7. I ran across a few rocks that were very much like these. They dont show evidence of fusion crust, and look like they have the same bluish grey color. When I cut mine they were solid metal but not nickel iron color but more of a bluish grey color and were not meteorites. You might want to cut a small slice and check it out. To be sure you might want to show it to someone with expertise in the field. Good luck.
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