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  1. Yes it really needs because I don't think any experts are there on this sites. Just wants to jump at conclusions without seeing its other other sides.
  2. I think it must be a part of a limb bone like this.
  3. I think what I have must be an itchayosaur limb bone that I got from beach.
  4. Just try to look carefully 4meter you will able to see similarities. But the main problem is the tooth is embedded in sandstone so it some of it features are not visible.
  5. And one more thing is that it does not even attract magnet.
  6. Sorry it's not what you are saying :-) because I have confirm it through a paleontology website.
  7. that's a baby mammoth tooth embedded in a sandstone.
  8. that's a baby mammoth tooth I got from the beach after a lot of hunting.
  9. Is it really a fossil or it is my hypotheses.
  10. First it looked disgusting to me but after some cleaning it is little ok. I think this happened because of iron stains..l
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