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  1. Safe from losses, some of theses buyers are far less than scrupulous. I suggest testing and redoing processing after receiving items back from prospective buyers that didn't buy. And don't be surprised if the Mount you sent is more than you got back. It happens.
  2. I agree, seek the until you find is a good moto. And yes the rinse is a option just to be safe.
  3. So what do you do if you get a false reading from a prospective buyer? My suggestion is to request a return of what was sent. Then rinse and send to another buyer. What suggestions would you have for a prospector in this situation?
  4. These days there are so many different types of coins and collectables being made, which are your the ones you choose to collect and why?
  5. Water is essential... And refreshing. I like it warm it really gets right to revitalizing ... A soda is good at the end of any day
  6. Excellent response, I like a good citrus beverage on hikes and treks seems to kill the thirst and provide a good source of vitamin c. Also I find it works well in lightening the colors of the freshly heated milk... Haven't tried that but it makes sense since it is a a neutralizing agent... I'll give a try. Now the beer... Well how can you go wroywith a cold pbr... But that's just anyday... Liquor always a good idea but before the beer.. Got to get those alcholides right.
  7. How important is a good quenching? The topic. Is self explanatory, but seriously a quench done wrong could have you back at square one. What are some of your tips on a good quench, brand to buy or recipes to make. Let's get a good conversation going.
  8. Thanks, I did that today, I tend to let the pieces cool and view before adding more flux. To give a cleaner look. I'll post a pic or send one if you like.
  9. Bmc hey I just viewed your profile. The picture you have up looks like it could be raw ore. Did you extract it yourself? And where from, I know it's not the proper forum for finds but that looks like a good one.
  10. Video didn't upload if you would like to see I can inbox it to you or what have you. Just let me know. pd test.mp4
  11. pd test.mp4 pd test.mp4 pd test.mp4 I am going to post a quick video for reference. Note You will need a Glass container Sodium bicarbonate Material you think has PD Electric source Safety glasses Gloves
  12. You don't need belief in the above to be a good person. And not attacking people with ignorance and immaturity is a good way to be a good person. We are adults after all.
  13. OK maybe I was a bit offensive,but with all due respect... He attempted to discredit me and accuse me of criminal activity. I find those actions to be highly offensive and done so with Ill intent.that is why I used terms like fool in his folly, Flintstones, or monkeys squawking... I could have been far more offensive and ignorant since he was attempting to rob and defraud me of the accuracy and validity of my assay and find. But a good sense of self respect means respect for others.
  14. If any member would like to discuss the "process " techs and tips... I have a post there some may find very interesting.
  15. The topic is platinum group metals. And how to process. I'll start with the basic method everyone seems to know. Using a highly corrosive substance known as costic soda(lye) mixed into a purified water soak your material add current to speed up the process... This will result in a sludge/slime of metals.(elements) .... I'm going to stop right there with that method. Sure it works to dissolve the metals into dust but can tend to leave a less Than pure results. And can be frustrating and dangerous. Starting over... Sodium bicarbonate and purified water mix well add current.(electricity) .. Your material of course in container already. If there is any palladium in the content it will turn the liquid blue. Continue until the color changes. Which, if you have rhodium, it will. Once the color starts to change stop. Again stop. Drain and repeat the same process until blue is done(pd) then again until the reddish brown(rh)... Usually starts as a light yellow but darkens as it concentrates. Continue until it is clear. Neutralize and dry each. This step has separated the delicate precious metals known as palladium and rhodium. Next.... Using sulphuric acid (battery acid) process the material. Note it's best to neutralize and rinse material between each step to get a cleaner purified result.... A murky sludge is going to cloud the liquid. This slime like sludge is the ferrous or base metals such as brass copper iron and some zinc... Once you've separated the base into its container (personally I dispose of it after neutralizing it.... That's up to you) Next step we are going to process the denser and more acid resistant gold and platinum. Using a nitric acid or aqua Regis. (rinse material after each step in a neutralizing liquid) if there is gold or platinum in the material it will begin to turn a yellow to brown color. (I let it darken up about three good times before a all clear) Continue until the liquid is clear. Once the gold and possible platinum have been dried you can use a round pan and spin it lightly. This will draw the heavier platinum to the center and the lighter gold to the outside.(if you did not separate your pd from the rh in its liquid form and got a greenish color you can use the pan technique after they are dried) This step has separated the gold and platinum. Now to prep for heat. Each element that has been separated has a different density and weight. Weigh each individually. ... And prep the flux. Yes you can buy a pre made flux (I recommend Harris stay clean products. ) personally I mix my own (now, but have used several brands) and call it mud. Using one part nitric acid compound one part boric acid and one part costic soda(lye) . This mixture will heat on its own and would look like mud..(. That's why I call it mud.) each element having it's own weight, means mix mud for each approximately two thirds the weight. (the mud will burn clean and leave minimal if any residue. ) Now you are ready for heat. ... Pending what method you are using will have certain variables than can be discussed as the question is asked.... When your element has liquefied (gotten molten and like liquid) pour into mold and press and quench (quenches can be mixed as you like I'm sure there are recipes had by all ,we can share those here too) then cool. ... When cool view your find in its purest form and note the colors and lusters of each. From there you can mix or monetize as you do but the pure will be a constant and retrieveable if you wanted to start again for whatever reason. If you have any questions regarding this process or would like an example just ask.
  16. Thank you, I find that large companies tend to be wasteful. Me I'm just developing a off grid location that is self sustaining.
  17. I don't have my darn kiln because my workshop was vandalized and all the tools and equipment stolen. I'd rather not think about that since it was a huge setback in my endeavours. I have been making do with a propane torch and cup... But hey why listen to the guy doing it right... Isn't that what society has deemed normal. Bunch of doubting Thomases ... Hey if you'd like to drive the hundred or so miles to my location inbox me for details and you can see for yourself. Otherwise go the way of the dodo bird. FYI it's only difficult to process pg metals if you don't know how. I happen to know how to separate and process them rather easily. But again why take my word for it I mean I have shown pic after pic of the platinum group spectrum proving what I say... Heck I even showed a set of coins... Clearly showing three different precious metals (gold, pd, and rh and a mix of each) if that's not proof enough then either you are blind stupid or just being a nuisance.
  18. Unless if course you have a portable kiln or furnace and would like to stop by and make a few things. But if a few hours drive is to much for you I can understand , I mean doing this isn't for everyone... It's for the few that can not the many that sit in doubt. So let's see... AZ, NM... What's that like less than a few hours depending. That being said I did post an invite and yes that is serious. But only for real prospectors ... Meaning if the idea of prospecting is going to a scrap yard or other that's cool but not what I do here. So again if you'd like to stop by inbox me for directions and details.
  19. Unless if course you have a portable kiln or furnace and would like to stop by and make a few things.
  20. The truth is seemingly stranger than fiction I'd say check it out first, before you present yourself as a fool. In Colorado, there are gold mines and pgm mines.... Fact. It is where the gold rush of 1849started after all. Where I was lucky enough to buy is fertile and or rich with ore deposits. (I could give you the science behind it but you can also take my word for it. There are several lots still available, but the price has increased since there have been multiple finds.(still a very reasonable price) Consider this like a invite to the demographic of rock jocks that one would find in a forum such as this. And on that note serious inquiry on Items for sale, and if you like your item in a specific condition (IE. In dust form or the raw ore nug or melted down for easy transport I can accommodate... My minting or poured and pressed options are not what they were since my kiln s and furnaces are... Not a topic I'd like to discuss ....
  21. Funny but not really funny because there are portable kilns. Made by companies like tabletop furnace etc. The request is to get a person or company with one to stop by and do some work. I know difficult to comprehend that someone is being real.
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