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  1. Safe from losses, some of theses buyers are far less than scrupulous. I suggest testing and redoing processing after receiving items back from prospective buyers that didn't buy. And don't be surprised if the Mount you sent is more than you got back. It happens.
  2. I agree, seek the until you find is a good moto. And yes the rinse is a option just to be safe.
  3. So what do you do if you get a false reading from a prospective buyer? My suggestion is to request a return of what was sent. Then rinse and send to another buyer. What suggestions would you have for a prospector in this situation?
  4. These days there are so many different types of coins and collectables being made, which are your the ones you choose to collect and why?
  5. Water is essential... And refreshing. I like it warm it really gets right to revitalizing ... A soda is good at the end of any day
  6. Excellent response, I like a good citrus beverage on hikes and treks seems to kill the thirst and provide a good source of vitamin c. Also I find it works well in lightening the colors of the freshly heated milk... Haven't tried that but it makes sense since it is a a neutralizing agent... I'll give a try. Now the beer... Well how can you go wroywith a cold pbr... But that's just anyday... Liquor always a good idea but before the beer.. Got to get those alcholides right.
  7. How important is a good quenching? The topic. Is self explanatory, but seriously a quench done wrong could have you back at square one. What are some of your tips on a good quench, brand to buy or recipes to make. Let's get a good conversation going.
  8. Thanks, I did that today, I tend to let the pieces cool and view before adding more flux. To give a cleaner look. I'll post a pic or send one if you like.
  9. Bmc hey I just viewed your profile. The picture you have up looks like it could be raw ore. Did you extract it yourself? And where from, I know it's not the proper forum for finds but that looks like a good one.
  10. Video didn't upload if you would like to see I can inbox it to you or what have you. Just let me know. pd test.mp4
  11. pd test.mp4 pd test.mp4 pd test.mp4 I am going to post a quick video for reference. Note You will need a Glass container Sodium bicarbonate Material you think has PD Electric source Safety glasses Gloves
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