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  1. Hey everyone. I find this type of rock occasionally and was just wondering if you knew what it was.
  2. Ok so I finally got time to go pick up a few more and find some of my other ones that look like this one so here are some pics. They are not the best since I didn't have any daylight to photograph them in so here's my best. Maybe this will help decide if it's not one. And they maybe different all together, hell, I'm pretty dense so it's definitely a possibility.
  3. I found this big chunk of metal along with a few others and I was curious about it because when you break it it's silver and then it's shortly thereafter turns a very deep bright green and I wasn't sure what that was characteristics of any insight would be appreciated. Oh my question is; isn't this a meteor wrong?
  4. Had this a long while been told no crust no meteor but I recently made some acid that was ok. What do you think?
  5. Cool. Thanks will send it to em and see what they say.
  6. I figurEd it was rock slang for ocean and narrow. Life's too short to proof read
  7. The vesicles were my fault I burnt it where it's white because that's just what I do and call myself "testing it". It's really one that would have to be seen in person I guess.
  8. I actually have found a few around the samish size and I kept it because my sister bought me one one time that had the same looking interior. I thought maybe she got a fake one because it didn't have the pattern in it but I guess it was the wrong type because it ended up being real. Well that's good news or not bad news. I have a question about testing. I have previously used meteoriteLab.com said to be the new england meteoritical society. Does anybody know anything about them? Are they legit or just pocketing funds because they make it seem official when they send one back.
  9. My first impression when I found this rock was burnt petrified fiberglass. Yeah. It's hard to catch in pictures but it has a super unique texture and look to it that says I'm to weird to be anything but a meteorite. The streak is from none to light gray and weighs 7 ish grams but haven't done density test. Can't bear to accept a meteor wrong so instead my question is where did this one originate? Also it scratches glass with ease and it almost LOOKS fibrous but it isn't... I know. Non magnetic
  10. Picture saturation. Hope that's some better pictures, it's out side in the light only the darn light makes it where I can't see the screen to observe the quality of said photographs, but whatevs.
  11. Wonder how many of those it would take to get full
  12. So it's a rock with small fossils? Glad to hear why the holes are, been wonderin
  13. I do kinda see where it could be a crustacean. So it is an actual fossil? In your opinion?
  14. This is the education that you don't even consider when first getting on this forum, wow! A whole lesson in ducket and frogskin conversion. Truly I must be made of frogskin buying knowledge like that
  15. Forgive my ignorance with fossils but I found this rock that resembled a large bird head. I really don't think that it is just because it's solid but I wanted to run it by y'all anyway. Looks like a prehistoric swamp person was able to put an arrow right through his melon too.
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