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  1. They steal everything, and prevent people from everything. There are no laws that regulate such trade and they exploit it for themselves. They sell anything that falls into their hands to the outside, and you find nothing in our museums but nonsense.
  2. 100% true ؜ But maybe it was a war! ... Notice that the hand is clenched as if it was carrying a sword too ... Who knows!
  3. Hi all, black color outside & golden color inside. Density 4.87 any help would be much appricited
  4. Look at how the nails have calcified over time !!! If it were a work of art, the nails would have stayed the same, right?
  5. No, man, please! It's a petrified hand, you can't believe it until you hold it in your hand. What do I do to believe it? swear on it???
  6. Hi I agree with you, but there is a difference between several thousand years and millions of years! Isn't that true !!! If we assume that the hand is actually are fossil.
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