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  1. Sucks but I thought I had one. I’ll post an update on what material the metal is when I found out. My friend who has been metal detecting the beaches for years and has hundreds of gold jewelry finds has given me his collection of what he believes are meteorites to get appraised and possibly sell. He’s old school and not much of an internet guy so I figured I’ll post them here to actually give this post some real content. These are ferrous in nature, what do you guys think? Meteorites?
  2. Curious why would lead be covered in a ceramic like crust? I’ve seen lots of lead in the from the ocean and this doesn’t look anything like it
  3. Hey guys, I had some incredible beginners luck when metal detecting in the surf here in Florida for the first time and found what I believe to be a meteorite. I'm sure you all have lots of BS rocks on here but this in particular has a fusion crust, and is highly metallic. It was found in salt water and does not appear to have any signs of Iron oxide or corrosion. Shame, but I accidentally dropped the meteorite, exposing a crystalline shaped metal inclusion. It is quite dense, at 12.5g and about the size of a small grape. Its got a little white shell stuck in a crack I have yet to t
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