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  1. Thanks I know there is a lab in Agadir city. But I have sent them a piece long time ago, followed with calls .... nothing happened no action at all. And it seems the people working there are dealers as well, so no need to interact with a homie. The atlas geo are a huge company and I think they won't consider few grams in a parcel.
  2. Thanks Mike Lunk thanks for the link, I did browse their site but couldn't find the time frame. Can you enlighten me with extra helpful tips. Like how much is average ( I know rock/test type) affects the cost. If you could share a one of your experiences that will be great ( you can do private message) if this goes against posting policies. Still open to any helpful input Jo
  3. Hello and thanks Billpeters I don't think sharing photos will resolve my problem, as I need lab test before shipping my rocks to my clients. Being disappointed by your reviews is fine. But I would rather feel good to be disappointed by real lab results. Ps I live in Jerez "South Spain " I spend most of my time driving to Mauritania & Morocco. I used to ship spicement to the lab in Canarias, but I recently decided to ship to the US for fast and reliable testing. By the way I'm moroccan, Jo
  4. Hello experts My request might be a bit strange but it is what it is. I'm a full time meteorite hunter, I'm looking for someone who can handle analysis in the US. And obviously become full partner. Appologies if my post is somehow non related subject. Jo
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