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  1. I love the Mitry Lake Mt. ,the quartzsite one too but my SS dosen't cover them , I had a couple of oils that were painted by a guy that signed his work with a cowoy hat , they were of Sandra Day O'Conors ranch painted when she was still in highschool. The old lady that had them got them as an inherentance,she liked me and I did lots of repair work on her place and never charged her, told her it was left overs from another job. She left them to me saying that she knew better about the stuff I did for her. I always figured they would be worth something but they burned with my place and the photos too!
  2. BOB, I am preapproved for 280VA Got to run mote later. Max
  3. Thanks Skip , might have a place by the time you come
  4. Thanks Chris, Hows the prospecting?
  5. My racing days are over I guess , I spent 15 years in Baja never missed a 1000 and worked in many of them as support , those where some wild times and wild people , my guess is that those times will never return in mine or your times or anyone elses for many more years. One of my racing friends and I shared birthdays and he would find me no matter how far back n the wilds I was and bring out a quart of tequila, break off the neck ( you never unscrewed the cap in BAJA) and we would finish it ! Cured my FLU 1 year I was so hung over the Flu did not have a chance of surviving.
  6. Thanks Bob! Hows the housing market over your way ? I have to move, Anything that I could afford over here is outrageous !
  7. Thanks pondman ! How is your area doing with the fires and virus ? I saw the first bucnch out prospecting this weekend I have saw in months. I keep an eye on the Little San Domingo area N of here , saw 7 people prospecting and 4 just driving and thats a crowd now days. Lots of businesses closed in this little burg!
  8. Thanks , How is the art market with this virus ?
  9. Thanks Frank, We think of you guys every day and the good times! Sorry to be so late replying I am spending most of my available time looking for a house to buy, the prices are insane but I can't stand this Mobile home park any longer , They have had 3 new managers in 5 months , you won't beleive it but they told me I had to have special permission to park my electric wheel chair in my carport , you are only allowed a bicyle and a BBQ pit and car. I mentioned the ACL and a lawyer and they sent me a permit , they operate on the NATZI German system , they reward neaghibors who report you if you violate the rules and it is all anomous so they wont tell you who complained. I have to leave here before it is to late. Max
  10. Thanks to everyone of you guys! I don't feel to be 86 and I work at something everyday and do not hang around the TV set. Polly is still taking chemo and we are waiting on results of last scans. My oldest daughter who lost her job to the virus and her trailer to the hurricane in Louisiana has moved to AZ to get out to help us and she takes a huge load off of me, I am teaching her 4 X 4 ofroading in the 2019 Toyoa FJ Cruiser I bought . I have bought her a goldbug 3 and gettting her trained up. We are activily looking for a house to buy to get out of this restrictive mobile home community. When we do I am all geared up to start building my own verision of puffer drywashers. I am probably the last person to build a real BECK drywasher in Becks own shop using his original WW2 parts when Charlie Salwasser had bought the entire operation in Randsburg and let me have full run of the shop and parts.. He sold all the stuff to ----------- including the last one that Becks uncle had built, ------------ has never built one. and there is no patent on them or any secret except BECK had a little attachement that shook the hopper helping the material flow better.I have tried to buy the original stock of BECK parts but the owner is not willing to sell at a reasonable price although he has never built a single one from BECKS original parts, Beck used oldl bowling alley lanes for his wood which made then extremely heavy, he also used surplus ww2 aircraft ball bearings. Most buyers got rid of the handcrank and put small gas engines on them. My own design came from my experments when I was the caretaker at Stanton , while there I built my first gas dirt vaccum from an old Sears shop Vac, I had never seen one , I soon built a leaf blower type because of the weight I stared building Drywashers using a 5 gallon paint bucket cut in half for the hopper. a riffle board built with replacable riffies and a extra riffile board with a different angle for very heavy naterial , and I use light weight wood for the frame and shorter legs to make them easier to carry around. My girls bought me A ZINGER scooter to get around faster, it has an 8 mile range , turns in its own wheel base, drives like a skid loadder with 2 leavers and is very light and folds instantly to carry in a car. It don't run of road thouugh.
  11. I have had 2 Tacoma's I used in my BAJA Exploring/mining days , also drove the Tundra crew cab as a support truck for a Baja racing group. They all preformed well in most aspects , the Tacoma,s had. . a weak rear bumper attachment and some underbody wiring that I had to reroute , the Tundra would haul a huge load of MC,s, Beer, Spare parts, wife's , kids without a problem. It could not go everywhere a Baja racing bike would go but it could keep them in sight or radio contact. My usual procession with the Tacoma's was tow them with a 26' Motorhome with a Samurai or Geo Tracker behind it. Park the MH, before it was stuck too bad , take the Tacoma towing the toad carrying a long length of Sampson double braided nylon to get the Tacoma Unstuck if necessary. There was not a road, cow trail, Baja race course , dry wash, dry lake, or beach reachable by my combination of rigs that I did not travel in my 15 years in BAJA.
  12. Cool pics, Ask Frank C about the WSPA outing a few years ago and him and his wife camping in an old drywashing pit , tarp no tent COLD AS you know what!!!!!!
  13. I'll pay the postage or get some one to pick them up if you still have them. am collecting all the can get , am going to write an index to all the different ones an post it on the forum when get enough. Please let me know. Max
  14. Wow ! I had no ideal Super display and I miss Nash Autos !!
  15. Happy B-day Frank! They sure come often don't they ? Max
  16. Hey Welcome ! In the days past I had some access to Fort huachuca area, out the west gare and the first wash crossing was some good dry washing, last time I passed through the area it was closed. The Hereford area has some history and some excellent Scheelite species if you can get access , good luck !
  17. My sister in law filled in for the sister I never had and I miss her very much , love all your family even while they are in what you feel is wrong, you will never get another chance ! My two bits!! Max
  18. Mitchel , I sort of found the place by accident, But there are lots of areas on that side of the highway from Lovelock to Battle Mt. and associated Mt. Ranges , if I had of had the rig I have now, A 2010 FJ CRUISER none of it would have beyond my reach ! I was just reading old books and articles and decided to check it out on our way north. Followed an old road back to a deep dry wash , nearby was a new stream diversion by fish and game with weirs and stuff running above the old dry wash , the weirs had trout sheltered in them, looked yummy! Where we first parked there was an old log cabin built into the side of of the dry wash , It was in fair shape still, there was an occupied house on the highway where I turned off. The road ran further west back to the old mining areas. It had tunnels and shafts and was very trashy , some evidence of MDing but not much. Many old building sites long gone. Metal Detectors in those days where not what we have now! Rake-Detect, repeat ! Getting back to my stories , the old log cabin was built with huge logs , not from the area for sure , setting on solid bedrock. I detected inside, NADA , outside NADA ! Found one spot about halfway on the outside wall that was a little eroded and big enough to shove my small coil under the log ! BONG , blew my earphones off . Didn't have anything but a screwdriver handy to dig with and could not rake the target out with it. SO I laid down and ran my hand and arm in under the log to feel in the bedrock crack , something moved and I squeezed hell out of it thinking it was a scorpion , letting go of one is the wrong thing to do. Scraping the back of my hand and almost tearing off fingernails on the bedrock I threw it down and it was a baby rattlesnake! Then I tried a piece of wire NADA! and no rattles of a momma I was still getting a huge signal! Having no chain saw I ran my hand back under the log and fingers down in the crack and felt a large coin, getting it between two fingers i slowly wiggled it out and it was the best silver dollar I have ever found ! An 1878 S mint mark , a little dark around the edge but I would class it as almost uncirculated , no detail is worn. BUT a tiny scratch on her cheek, another on her chin and one by the 4th star form the left of the date and one between her nose and and the last star. Really tiny but obviously from my efforts with the wire. At one of the mine sites my wife detected the top portion of a Spanish American War metal, it hung with the flag between them and the serial # was on the bottom half. The next year we went bach and raked some more tin cans and she found the other half! Had it restored , ID'ed the holder but everyone who server got the metal. It burned and never found again in our house fire 008 now forgot his name and lost all the records too! Saved the silver dollar , it was with some one else at the time , lost 5000 silver half dollars most of my gold, Don't store gold in plastic containers , they all melt to a black blob and there are hundreds if not thousands in a home. The nuggets in metal containers mostly survived. As soon as the looky loos came around and found a silver half dollar in the sand we almost had to have a 24 hour guard it cost 6000 dollars to scoop up all the wreckage and I had the top layer of sand scrapped uo too, and haul it off and I sold the lot and its grown up and abandoned now.
  19. Probably so! My memory goes off sometimes, he was the one that stopped by where I was camped on the Mill City side of the highway and I kept hearing about the RABBIT HOLES, he told me about that side of the road. When over there with the club the next few years good times, funny people , one meeting I remember in particular some where going to camp at the R/V park below the dam. My wife and I where already there and parked. This person , a popular member ( I won,t tell his name even if I remembered, he had his spot reserved.) A lot of the members was already parked and when he arrived he had a brand new nice travel trailer, with a front door and a rear door. Well he got out the front door and all the guys were meeting and greeting him with a beer in hand. After a time he said well I got to get set up and went inside, shortly afterward he exited the back door sans steps and did a spectacular face plant on the asphalt ! A little first aid and a few more beers and he was ready to detect ! Some would stay at the motel , some would camp just past the chain link fence marking the BLM boundary , some would camp out on the claims , a few would stay in Winniemucca and drive back and forth. Those days are probably gone for ever ! Do some of you remember the outings at Little San Domingo when you could hardly find a place to park an R/V and the potlucks ? Will we ever recover to those days? Makes me want to cry when I drive out there and there is no one at all . Max
  20. Thanks Bill .I guess my search feature needs renewing ! I was working the Mill City/Unionville area before I ever knew there was a Rye Patch. Found an old campsite for a mining area that was an acre or more of flat tin cans , all appeared to be beans! Nearby was some old tunnels. Thinking old coins or lost nuggets we raked back a large area to detect , found some military metals from the battles in Cuba , Silver coins, old Indian head pennies , rifle cartridges of odd calibers, trade tokens, and one hand made gold watch fob or as one person speculated a fancy closure for a gold pouch, initialed T. D. . Stopped again on our way north the next year and there was an outfit air drilling for a mining company , blowing it out and bagging it for assay. They were so obnoxious and ill mannered but admitted not to be the clam holders. It was Friday and payday for them , we left and camped nearby. At noon they all loaded up and left for Winnemucca . I ran some the deepest samples and found nothing. Left a note in one of the bags telling the assayer they were just bagging sand from the road side. A couple of years after that when we had moved over to Rye patch there was no activity all all. At that spot. Those were some good times at the outings. There was a guy who only detected the road , I can't remember his name but he found nuggets. And the old guy with the quartz crystals !! Those were the days, gone now no doubt. I'ii look Chris's web site. Max
  21. Used to run on too him around Rye Patch , very knowledgeable person. lost a lot of my contacts and info about areas and contacts when my place burned and just never could recover them. According to the forum he has not posted since 2017 ? Max
  22. Some in the Phoenix Road Runners Prospecting club have been using them for several years before all this" you have a pilots licence to fly them" crap ! Mainly too checkout the surrounding area, especially along the southern border. At that time you could fly them down a Vertical shaft if it had no obstructions . Now if you have the money required they are available to go in too horizontal shafts, tunnels , tall buildings etc etc if they have room to swing a blade. That level of technology is mainly the US Government and big corps according to a person I was discussing drones with. You need to get in to the info in the BIG drone field to really hear what they can do ! For instance the there is a report available about the surveillance drones Israel is trying to sell to governments around the world. A report was available for a time about this system that was loaned to Arizona and Phoenix to try out and it was scary, apparently to AZ too and it was in use for a long time ! In short it stayed up for days? weeks? filming the entire city with cameras made from 1000s of cellphone cameras and all tied togather. Don't jump on me this is not my wild dreams but presented in this report. You could pick out a vehicle in the photographed area , and the drones could check its files and tell you where it had been for the past 14 days. Tell you where it went, stopped,who got in or out with their photos and where it was now! If all they said it could do was true no wonder they were turned down for working permanent ! Or where they ??? only god and the people at Fort Bliss knows . On that note out government does things that the local residents and workers at facility's knows and its common place to them and little remarked on locally and not at all nationally. For instance in the 1970's when the full size aircraft drone industry was growing so fast the recruiting calls went out to long time model airplane flyers to come and teach professional military pilots to fly them and fly them remotely on a TV. Fort Bliss was full of them . I lived in Yuma,AZ at the time and could watch them in a Cessna flying around in the desert learning to control a drone from another plane, I am sure it not easy. At about the same time the border watch blimp system was being constructed, one N of Yuma , One south of Deming, NM and one at Fort Huachuca. At the local airport in Deming,NM was stationed a flight of the famous Black Helos, they flew many nights and early in the AM on the Ham Bands they would get over if frequencies and you could hear them calling in their reports, rounds expended , maintenance required etc. The blimps gave vectors to border crosses and the BP followed up on the sensors tripped and how many feet they counted. They had some running gun battles on some of the big ranches on the border . Little was ever reported in the news except one time the the sheriff criticized the State Police for not backing him up on the freeways. The one really serious incident was when someone shot down the blimp at Fort Huachuca with a shoulder launched missile. The umbilical cable fell across most of town and damaged a number of houses and injured one soldier that I knew. Nothing was ever said about it on the TV , just another storm. Did anyone on the forum ever prospect around the area ? I used too just outside the South gate , than all of a sudden it was declared Army property. And then there was the story about the Army Sergeant that discovered a cave full of bullion in the Mt. near the base, he said the Army denied him access and dug it up themselfs. Give you something to research! Max
  23. Super!! You might add "yes I am Carrying
  24. I can feel the pain on the Busses too ! At one time I had 7 VW's in my fleet , two busses , one the 7 window camper like new , one original German Bug imported by a GI . 2 Supers, two regulars that my Daughters drove to highschool , one off which I put in stowage in the late 70s and sold it in the late 80s. It at one time threw a rod and busted the case , I got a used crankshaft , pounded the cracked case back together , JB Welded it and drove it for another few years and traded it for a cabover camper which we took to Alaska and kept for years. My older bus I put an awning over the sliding door so I could fish the local ponds on rainy days in dry comfort , developed a side cast that cleared the awning poles and had a long handled net. Miss them all! Max
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