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  1. Very cool and rare find! I drive myself wild sometimes just imagining the who and why of losses like that!
  2. Hey Mike C, Thanks for the welcome back and I have some stories, some of them are still under the Statute of Limitations if you know what I mean ! Highway Departments and HighWay Patrols just don't have a sense of humor, even in the dark of night. Especially in Washington and Oregon! I'll be back there someday when the locals have retired and forgotten me, after all I am only 86! My best advice " Keep your loop low and slow" and oh yes don't park close to the highway right of way and keep your snake bite kit handy on warm nights! Max
  3. Hey Mike thanks for the welcome back. Say I don't have a 4X4 any more nor a detector ( Congrats on the Gold Monster) , and don't get around too good but I will call you soon and discuss a spot I will guide you and you can try it out. It's not easy to get too and not under claim and I can tell you where you can see some of the gold from the area before we go. I am kind of spoke for for by family matters until about the middle of next month but we can talk for free! I have verizon unlimited, 928-232-0497 happy to talk gold and remote areas any time. I spent 15 years trying to find a spot that
  4. Hey chrisski , Thanks, how's the gardening ,bet that helped with the situation. Hey I got 2 hot spots that we could do on the highway , one's really close to the gendarmes but proper dress and a white pickup would work once. Heck I dug bottles in New orleans cess pools at night on Canal Street for 4 years wearing white coveralls and a hard hat with a sign saying PRIVATE UTILITY keep out! Max
  5. Dang ! grubstake ! You need some Jack Daniels infused with cinnamon for cough and sneeze purposes! Glad to hear you are among the surviving of this mess! I am also on blood thinners , back in the fall I had terrible cramps in my right foot ,ended up in the hospital overnight , now on blood thinners for life and shaving with an electric razor ( some times). I have not been out prospecting for quite some time but ran a bunch of odd bunches of concentrates form outings in the past that survived our house fire by being stowed in tin cans with metal lids. Everything in glass or plastic was
  6. Thanks Bill! I'll try not to inflame the troops any more than my forum friends, not named!
  7. Steve, Do you remember when we were drywashing on Charlie Salwassers claims off of the Salt Dale Rd. The place were someone stole your brand new 151 blower and the old man who rode his bike down the road after every rain? Well he was getting plenty fine gold sweeping the edge of the road down the hill where it was coming out out the small washes. No claims involved and no cops out there in those days. So I remembered that one day when I was on an old road in AZ where the old road builders had set planks on edge in the road at an angle to carry water away and they didn't have to build a rock
  8. Thanks for the welcome back! Yes it was Oct 2019, PM me ?
  9. H., Glad you are still at it. Its still out there but I haven't been out in a long time when I do I find me a spot on side of the road and sweep up a bucket to pan at home, you would be surprised at what and how much you can find. The AZHWP frowns on it but *******. There are some good spots on 60.
  10. Thanks Bedrock , You don't know what you have till you miss it! How do you like Telemedicine ? If anyone had of told us 4 or 5 years ago that Dr,s would be seeing twice the number and charging half again as much as an office visit and they don't even have to wash their hands. You doing anything new?
  11. Thanks Steve. Hey I took her and my daughter out to Stanton to see it one sunday.Polly and I I haven't been out there for years. You would not recognize it ! It is a bald huge dusty RV park, The flash flood gage that got filled with water the day they installed it is at about the center. It has a fancy wall around most of it . All of the old fire pit, the mine shaft area is filled in ,fenced and apparently off limits to visitors, the Admin group all have RVs around the opera house and all that is fenced off. Our horseshoe pit is gone of course, there are propane vending machines , MD dealers
  12. Thanks , I am still trying to catch up and see who is missing. This thing has been a mess from the get/go. I first heard of it while I was sleeping on the floor in a hospital waiting room in october 2019 very late at night when some Drs came in to get coffee and where discussing a meeting they had just attended warning them to be alert for it. I didn't of course know at the time the name COVID 19 had a meaning.
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