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  1. Hey Art, Thanks for the suggestion. I can definitely see the resemblance! My rock does have a glossy surface and is quite dense, even resonant (and it looks like these are attributes of Gongshi stones, particularly Lingbi limestone). I’m assuming that limestone can also form a dark crust? Thank you!
  2. Here’s more photos to show the size and some detail. It weighs about 725 grams and looks (from the exposed interior) and feels quite dense. I was debating sending in a sample for analysis, but after the feedback I think I will go ahead and get it tested. Thank you for the feedback and I’ll update the post once I know something more!
  3. I'm really curious about what this rock is -it was given to my dad years ago in Saudi Arabia. He was told it was a meteorite. I took photos of the front (I call it the front because it is the smooth side) and the back (the rougher side) of the rock. The back shows where I broke off a piece to get a look at the interior of the rock. The interior is not porous at all. It does not attract a magnet. Any ideas are welcome -thank you!
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