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  1. Here’s a different view. Looking at Lundy Lake in the lower right mid pic. You can just make out the trail above and left of the lake. One of these days I’m going to make that hike. This photo was taken around May 2020. It’s pretty rugged country.
  2. Here’s a different old mine and mill site. This was the site of the Chemung mine and mill site. I’d be surprised if it’s still standing after this years winter. It’s slowly deteriorating and won’t be standing much longer. They mined gold and silver here. Someone started a rumor that it’s haunted on Saturday nights. I guess the ghosts are to busy to haunt it every night. You can drive right to this one with a two wheel drive vehicle. All of the mines have been grated to keep people out. I crawled through them many years ago. I’ll bet some of you have been there. It’s an easy find just north of Bridgeport, Ca.
  3. Nope, no hydraulic mining up there. They were mining different minerals. It’s on the Eastern slopes of the Sierras.
  4. They found a way way to make a synthetic version so that the mineral found here is no longer needed. I didn’t know it was private property. Some locals told me about it a few years ago and told me it’s a local secret. Once it hit the web all bets are off. I didn’t want to declare the name in hopes of keeping the traffic down and riff raff out. It’s no longer mined. The scaffolding is gone from the portals. Upper town was burned down quite a few years ago. Lower town, where the pics were taken is still intact and not shot up. There’s even a museum there. This place is an extremely rare find considering it’s condition. There was another neat cabin I found and stayed in in Death Valley area. It was an old twenty mule team weigh station. It even had running water from a spring. It was fully equipped and was open for anyone to use. It was called the Sheep Creek Cabin. It was southwest of Dumont Dunes up in the mountains. Several years later the state came in and destroyed it claiming there was drug activity there so they had to destroy it. It’s ridiculous, you can’t take artifacts but the state can remove or destroy it. Where’s the logic?
  5. I found this camp in California. It’s abandoned so I spent a weekend there by myself. Beautiful place but getting there can be a little scary. The trail in places is only about 8 inches wide. You are grabbing hillside. There’s no reliable water.
  6. The ML rep told me no. Just press and hold the button over the area you are working. He also told me you don’t need to pump the GM1000 for balancing. That’s counter to what other ML reps/ dealers have told me. He said it will auto balance as you are swinging it. Regardless of version. That’s news to me. Don.
  7. Walt, glad to see you found some gold with the XP Deus. We spoke about a year ago over at Gold Lady’s shop. I’m still trying. I did find a nice nugget with the GM1000. Don.
  8. In case people didn’t know there is now two versions of the GM1000. It’s all in the firmware. The newer version allows you to ground balance by pressing and holding the discriminate button. The original version does not have this option. Don.
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