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  1. See what I mean about Bob being quite a writer. Love it.
  2. Well that's a great picture. I might have to give that a try. Sure seems to do better than the camera on my scope. Thanks Mike.
  3. Bob, I haven't been on the forum for years but back when I was, If memory serves me, you were writing some cool articles. I'm glad you are still active on the forum.
  4. You could be right, however they gave me penicillin in the iv. It doesn't really matter what it was, I don't have a wish to get that sick again if just getting a couple shots can prevent it. I got too many rocks to turn over.
  5. I had a virus back in my military days while stationed in Phoenix area. Valley Fever. It is not the same as covid but some of the things that happened are similar. My lungs filled with fluid, I ran a very high fever for several days. I had to have a constant iv of antibiotics for several days. It was a month and a half long serious event for me and I sure as heck don't want to go thru something like that again at this age. So give me the shots and I will be on my way.
  6. think I might be on to something with the low power scope and camera. If I don't zoom in so much to take the picture, then it can be made bigger later. Anyway, I'm still playing with this software. Here are a couple more pics of a possible iron that I did not zoom quite so much. The piece is about 1/2" wide.
  7. It's now going into the third day since I got the second shot. Glad to be on the other side of all that. Yay! Maybe I can get out and do some rock hunting again. : )
  8. Looks black until you shine a light on it, then it looks shiny. Hard as heck and heavy for its size. Strongly attracted to a magnet. No streak when rubbed on the back of ceramic tile. A definite crust on some faces of it. A couple areas show a blueish tint like metal after being heated. I found a bunch of shards within yards of this bigger piece. Funny but some areas on the bigger piece look like they have melted and flowed. On one end there looks to be melted material that has come out of a seam. Have not seen anything else quite like this little piece of whatever. Could it be man-
  9. I was on a base so we did have clean water and soap, however, the people washing the vegetables in the chow hall must have skipped the clean water part. I think there was around 30 of us new to the base that all got sick the first week in country. Not a good memory.
  10. "shots with an air injector in both arms" Man that brings back memories. I remember looking at my left shoulder as I walked away from those shots and seeing some of it coming back out. All those shots didn't keep me from getting dysentery as soon as I got over there. : (
  11. Flow lines on a small Nantan. I'll leave it dark so the lines show up.
  12. works but just need to learn how to use it again. : ).
  13. This is more a test than anything. I want to see what my old microscope with camera can do with new software. I have a small (very small) rock in view that I would compare loosely to an Olivine Hypersthene. Hope this is okay to do. Mike
  14. I have a piece that looks about the same on the inside. It's made up of a very dark rock like material with metal blebs mixed in. Fairly sure it is not a rock from space but is one I have wanted to test just to see what the dickens it is.
  15. Since this thread is still active, I have something I have been wondering about. With meteorite oxide such as from an old crater like the one near Winslow, does the nickel still show up in a xrf scan. I have a small piece of that oxide and it says on a little card that came with it that it is 7% nickel. Any experience with testing the oxide?
  16. This has been a good conversation. Thanks to all that responded. You have me looking locally for an XRF service now.
  17. I'll have to explore that Bob. Thanks Mike
  18. I appreciate that info Mike. Wished I had one available to me. Thanks, Mike
  19. Could we discuss nickel test kits? I used to have a two part kit but that was about 7 years back. They were little droplet bottles that went pretty fast as there wasn't a lot in them. I would like to get another kit. Anyone willing to share what their source is for a nickel test kit?
  20. Sure would be nice to see an update from OP on this suspect stone. Very interesting.
  21. finally got the site to take a picture but not what I was hoping for. Oh well.
  22. Gads! I tried about 10 times to resize a profile picture with no luck. I'm on a Mac with Preview. Is there any hope? Mike
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