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  1. Regmaglitch, Very nice collection. Are they all Holbrook?
  2. It was hot as heck out there but I braved the heat and took a couple pictures of the rock in natural sunlight. : ). Sorry if they are a little blurry. The third pic shows a place that I exposed the inside. Hope that spot shows well enough. The stone actually is made up of a couple lithologies. So maybe somewhat of a breccia. It's much more interesting under the low-power scope. : )
  3. It does have a red rouge tint on some of it but the purple is the the result of lighting. Here is another picture of it:
  4. I would guess that there are a lot of you extremely successful meteorite hunters are out swinging a detector or hunting with a magnet on some lonely dry lake bed, during the cooler weather of course. Who's finding what? Got any pictures? Although not a recent find, I've got one lonely possible. When I first found it several years ago, I thought it to be a piece of really old iron from farm equipment and so I chucked it in the box. I recently was going thru some of that stuff and came upon this piece. I decided to put it under the low-power scope and have another look at it up close. When doing so, I suddenly realized it was not a piece of old relic iron but actually is stone with a lot of iron in the mix. So I have studied it and it has me wondering. If it should happen to be a chondrite, my guess is that it is high iron but nickel poor. The matrix is dark grey. weighs 36 .7g and is 1" x 1" x 1-1/2" approx. It's interesting but will probably just go back in the box. Okay, I showed ya mine...
  5. I ran the 800 over my Gao. It came up as a -9, Couldn't get much of a signal more than 3 inches above it. Without the all metal on, nothing. I switched it to Gold 1 and 2 and that is where it sounds off the best. On park, it barely buzzed sort of like a hot rock. Guess I will have to resurrect my old Gold Bug II. The earphone jack is messed up on it and the plastic bolt for the coil has gone missing. : (
  6. Not intending to be disrespectful of chondrites but I have been looking for a small piece to use as a throw-down so I could see how my Minelab 800 sounds off when it is over one. Today while in a little antique shop, I got the chance to visit with Blaine Reed for a few minutes. In t alking with him, he said he had a few pieces on consignment there. I was immediately taken by this little Gao thinking it would be perfect for a throw-down being a H5. Don't worry, I will take the best of care of the little stony but it should work to let me know what my detector reads over a chondrite.
  7. this one might make it easier to see the "fusion crust" patches. : )
  8. Haven't bought a loupe yet so I am still playing with the camera on my scope. Here is front and back of a very small possible. I tried making the pictures as close to actual color as I could get it. Some patches of what I believe is fusion crust still on it as shown in first pic.
  9. I don't see any cracking on the outside surfaces like I would expect on fusion crust. No fractures visible that I could see. Not sure what the last couple pics are of but, if the same stone, looks sedimentary of some type to my eye.
  10. Hope 'ol Sam comes back. I'd like to see what he has as well.
  11. If I read it correctly, this paper gives the low down on susceptibility of the different meteorite types: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2006/pdf/1485.pdf It shows: The three with the lowest susecptibility values and below 4 on the susceptibility chart are: Lunar, Angrites, Eucrites They are followed closely by (and are 3 or above on the chart): SNC, (shergottite, nakhlite, and chassigny classes) Diogenites, Howardites, Then it is: Aubrites, see chart
  12. Going back a few years, I remember Mike Miller, Ruben Garcia, Sonny Clary were active on the Nuggetshooter forum. All three quite knowledgeable about meteorites and all three were active hunters for meteorites at the time. Anyone hear from any of them today? I see Bill Southern is hunting in the desert on his videos. Looks like he is having fun.
  13. Wow, be sure to update us if you find some of it. Thanks for sharing the info.
  14. The matrix seems wrong to me. Also looks like those inclusions have dark rings around them.
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