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  1. Hope 'ol Sam comes back. I'd like to see what he has as well.
  2. If I read it correctly, this paper gives the low down on susceptibility of the different meteorite types: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2006/pdf/1485.pdf It shows: The three with the lowest susecptibility values and below 4 on the susceptibility chart are: Lunar, Angrites, Eucrites They are followed closely by (and are 3 or above on the chart): SNC, (shergottite, nakhlite, and chassigny classes) Diogenites, Howardites, Then it is: Aubrites, see chart
  3. Going back a few years, I remember Mike Miller, Ruben Garcia, Sonny Clary were active on the Nuggetshooter forum. All three quite knowledgeable about meteorites and all three were active hunters for meteorites at the time. Anyone hear from any of them today? I see Bill Southern is hunting in the desert on his videos. Looks like he is having fun.
  4. Wow, be sure to update us if you find some of it. Thanks for sharing the info.
  5. The matrix seems wrong to me. Also looks like those inclusions have dark rings around them.
  6. http://www.meteorlab.com/METEORLAB2001dev/fusion/fusion.htm The cream colored crust mentioned intrigues me although it is a primary crust. Then there is secondary crust which can be barely discernible. If the secondary crust is barely there I think of the meteorite as being naked. A naked achondrite with very little metal would be hard to spot. To pick one out while out hunting the person would have to train his eye to spot surface features like fracturing, regmaglypts, and material that has flowed and was redeposited, besides have and eye for the texture. Identifying texture/matrix
  7. I went back out the shop and hunted up an old Craftsman cold chisel I knew I had some place. I found it, I gave it a test and yes, it tested positive for nickel. I cleaned a spot with some vinegar where I wanted to do the test to be sure it was good and clean. The swab was part blackish and some light pink.
  8. Got some time today to play so I tested some tools with my nickel test stuff. Couldn't get any positives on what I tried it on. Tested 5 more of suspect irons and they all turned the swap pink. Anyway, it will be encouraging if the XRF shows same. I will know more then about whether or not I am looking for the right stuff. I have four little irons that I will take down to the guy with the gun as soon as I get a chance. When he sees the pieces I have are all less than an inch in size he will probably roll his eyes. : ). Oh well, still fun, fun.
  9. Interesting little tidbit, I tried the nickel test on the meteoritic shale from Barringer Crater, the small Nantan piece I have and another suspect meteoritic shale piece I have. None of them tested positive for nickel. Not even a hint of pink. Makes me think that asking the fellow with the XRF gun to shoot any of them would be a bit of a waste of time. : (
  10. Not discounting what you all told me in this thread but, my wife ordered me a nickel test kit so I gave it a try on five of my little suspect irons. Happy to say that all but one went positive on the test. The one exception is the specimen that I showed a picture of in the minerals forum. It just barely turned the swab pink. It's not an iron either. All the other irons went way pink. A couple actually turned the swap almost blood red. More than just pink anyway. I'm a magnet dragger so almost all my suspect pieces are about 1/2" or smaller. Some very small. I don't want to ask t
  11. Thanks guys for the info. I appreciate the insight. Partial fracturing has always intrigued me. Maybe looking for partial fracturing when out hunting for specimens would be another good visual tool to help pick up possibles. The weather is getting better in my neck of the woods. I'm getting anxious to go out for a hunt.
  12. Since there is very little traffic on this meteorite forum lately, I was thinking about pitching a topic in and see what others can tell me about it. My interest has to do with partial fracturing of the stone (not crust cracking). Partial fracturing seems to be quite common occurrence in stone and even some metal. For whatever reason and at some point in time, meteorites will fracture part way thru or several places part way thru but the mass stays together. I'm wondering if some of it might happen as it is being ejected from its parent body? Or, is it safe to say that it happens as
  13. Sorry don't know. I never put mine in water. I have the Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones on the 800 and really like them. Never intended to submerge them just wanted the comfort and volume control.
  14. In which state did your nephew take the pig? New Mexico?
  15. What detector(s) do you have? I saw on the Nugget Shooter Store page that they do training on detectors. It says there to call Bill 623-910-0345. That might be a good place to get the info you need. Hope that helps. Mike
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