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  1. maybe plagioclase. And a further guess, anorthite.
  2. Here's hoping you find some really old coins and other old stuff. Good luck.
  3. Looks like you are doing things right with that new 800. Good going!
  4. Good choice on a stick. I sure like the one I have. I like my AT Pros that I have also : ). Anyway, I have spent quite a few hours swinging my 800 and might be able to give you some input if you find you need it. I mentioned before that good targets will have a solid repeatable signal for the most part. Double blips have usually turned up pull tabs for me. For silver coins, I have had to listen real close when they were about 6-8" down. But the signal is distinct. Rings are another thing as I have found gold and silver rings kind of all over the map. Hope you enjoy the machine. Don't loose your charging cord. : ).
  5. That many faults on the electrical system you would think would have caused some noticeable wide spread outages. Main line fusing and/or oil circuit breakers should have blown/tripped. Also, not sure if they played the clip twice with the view being from two different directions?
  6. I remember seeing those before only maybe different colours. What ya gonna do with 'em?
  7. Not a meteorite. Not an expert here but, but it looks to be coarse grained gabbro, a slow cooled magma with a lapped over layer.
  8. listen for good solid repeatable signals. If you are digging and the target signal seems to disappear, switch the detector over to pinpoint mode. When a target disappears, it usually is because it has been moved in the ground and is now on edge rather than flat. It's been my experience that the Nox doesn't like to pickup the things on edge unless you are in pinpoint, then it works great. With a little searching online, you should be able to find a list for the numbers different metals show on the Nox. Listen close for deep silver. I use Grey Ghost headphones and even with poor hearing, I do good with them.
  9. Not the same as the tektites you show in the top picture.
  10. Sorry, I said I wasn't an expert. I would have guessed quartzite before serpentine.
  11. I'm no expert but to my eye they all look like microcrystalline varieties of quartz. Fairly common in some locals.
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