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  1. hi Bedrock Bob, when you say replacement, what does that mean? thanks!
  2. wow thank you for all the replies! it is definitely very interesting looking! It doesn't look like any of the other rocks I have or seen in my grandfather's collection. and the weight of it is shockingly heavy! I have become obsessed with figuring this out and these 2 pics are the closest I found on the internet that looks like it, at least as far as the "design". But then again, I don't have a trained eye for these things! I have also attached a few other pics that i couldnt post originally because i maxed out on pic size. I will google these other things yall have mentioned and see what i can learn! I really want to know its story!
  3. Hello! I am new to this forum and new to the world of identifying rocks and fossils. I have several rocks and fossils that I am trying to identify on my own, but this one is proving to be beyond my VERY limited knowledge. My grandfather and I would go rock hunting in the Texas hill country when I was a little girl. He recently passed away and I am now slowly moving all of his rocks that he collected throughout his life to my home. Unfortunately, I do not know much about this rock. I ASSUME he acquired it in the Texas hill country but I am not certain. The rock is VERY heavy, especially for its size, probably 80-100 lbs and is approximately 17" wide and 4.5" deep. It has a reddish-brown color with black markings throughout. On one side there are "swirl" or "circular" markings and the edges appear to have deep striations or layers with crevices in between the layers. I have searched the internet for several hours and have not been able to find anything similar (maybe because I do not know what to search for. lol) Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! This is a very interesting rock and i would love to know its story! Thank you, Alisha
  4. Hello! My boyfriend and I are new to the rock/mineral/fossil identifying game. I have several rocks and fossils we are trying to identify on our own but have a few so far that we need some help on! Hope to learn a lot from this forum! Alisha and Jeff
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