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  1. I couldn't get the file to open here. A report stating that planetary scientist have created a map of Mars entire ancient river system. The report is dated 12/30/2020. Good read if you want to google it.
  2. I took Bedrock Bob's advice and did a streak test on three different rock samples I picked up from a reported witnessed fall. Each sample rock gave a different result. The light-colored rock seen here on my kitchen island did not leave a streak at all. The larger dark rock left a reddish-brown streak while the smaller round rock left a black streak. None of these rocks are attracted to an earth magnet. Tomorrow I will try to post better pictures along with the streak marks to each sample.
  3. Bob, thanks again. I wish I knew enough about geology to make assumptions. I can only go by the test results and as you pointed out, I need additional testing. I have learned that even the experts don't always agree. I really do rely a lot on the testimony of my friends here in Louisiana. I know, they could be mistaken. I am only one of two who collected any of the rocks found. Of the other three, one is a minister, one is a banker/farmer and the other is a federal judge. I have decided to take your advice and try to get this to a lab for further analysis. If it weren't for what they saw and k
  4. Thanks for taking the time to explain. It certainly helps me understand more. I guess ULM lab report confused me with the report of iron in my samples. Have a great Christmas!
  5. I understand what you are saying now Bob and thank you for explaining. I guess I need to learn the difference in what free metallic iron and mineral iron looks like. I have to tell you in my past line of work creditable witnesses are the backbone of any case I ever worked. I cannot dismiss what they saw, with certainty. I know well how witnesses can be mistaken but I personally know all of those involved and to the man I believe what they told me. Too much there to dismiss this as native rocks. I am sure there is an explanation and I hope one day to find it. Bob, can you tell me what differenc
  6. I think I need to clear up one point that I made after rereading my post. I know that ironstone is found in the ground and soil in North Louisiana. There is no denying that fact and it is very much terrestrial. When I speak of rocks found in the area I am speaking of what I saw at the site in that field. I walked the curtilage of all the fields in the immediately area and found no rocks that resembled mine. All of the fields in that area are freshly farmed and the crops were harvested, disk and plowed under. The rocks were visible in the ditch and turnrows. I did find several out in the plowed
  7. Bob, it may well be terrestrial and I thank you for your input. I would not argue that it contains iron or ferrous iron. The lab report indicates such is the case. For the life of me I can't understand how you know it is terrestrial rather than extraterrestrial with what I have. Both have iron and ferrous iron as you know. I do have an eye witness and land owner witnesses that know this material does not belong in that field and has never before been seen there until the witness brought it to my attention. If it is terrestrial, please venture to tell me how it got there. I have no clue. I only
  8. Luke, I honestly don't know how to figure % amount from these test and really haven't thought of it that way so I have no thoughts on what that means. I will I will do some research on that and see. I do know there were no industrial sites, welding shop or anything else in the area that might produce industrial slag since I was a child and beyond. I am not sure that slag would possibly test the same as my samples. I have found information that says since meteorites are formed through a variety of processes on many different planetary bodies, they can have substantially different physical and c
  9. I am rolling on the floor laughing. Luke and Clay, that Goof was me before I knew how to spell meteorite. I hope everyone else here gets as good a laugh as I did. I have never noticed that before. I would like to blame ULM but can't bring myself to do it. Heck, I might change my screen name to "GoldGu".
  10. Clay, I think my rocks are Goethite or Hematite as others here have already mentioned. Just trying to figure out how they got here based on what I know so far. Everything points to the probability that they should not be here. Could be a question I may never answer. My background is Law Enforcement. Retired for twenty years now but almost half of my career was investigations as a detective. I try to be factual as possible and was considered to be very thorough. The witness to this fall is a lifelong friend and some of description he gave doesn't add up. Some of his statements are spot on as to
  11. Luke, I would think so to some degree. In all three samples there are some similarities but I wouldn't think they would be the same. I suppose it would depend on where these come from and if terrestrial what the soil composition. Someone above my paygrade will have to help us out on that. Knowing what I know of the people involved and what they said, I have no doubt that all of this material is from the same fall. This stuff fell in a muddy field after crops were harvested. Some rocks were lying on top of the ground, stuck in mud somewhat, while other rocks landed in the ditch that had been cl
  12. Lunk, I tend to agree and without boring you and others during the holidays with the research I have done, I will cut to the chase. I believe the small round concretions that I have are Goethite Concreations. My simple understanding is that over a period of time Goethite, for lack of geological terms, sometime turns into hematite. My reason for saying that is a large portion of my samples were found in a drainage ditch next to a turn row, in a corn field. The man who has farmed this property for over twenty-five years and another farmer about one mile away who found some of the same material,
  13. One additional puzzle to my rocks is an experiment I did with my rocks and rocks from a roadway near where I was living. I used a torch to try and melt each test sample. The results was that my rock sample turned white hot, did not melt and retained its form upon cooling. The rock from the roadway completely disintegrated into powder and small particles. I took a larger rock from my collection to a friend who tried to melt it with a welding torch. It also became white hot and melted a small section on one side but maintained its form. One video shows me trying to melt a small rock with a hand
  14. Here are some thin section pics. I have no idea what I am looking at but it sure is beautiful and intriguing. Sorry about the quality but I will be getting a camera for my microscope next week. I hope to post better pics then.
  15. Just a follow up on these rocks. Only the smallest of rocks are attracted to a magnet. None of the larger rocks will attract. When I say larger I mean those larger than my thumb.
  16. Here are two of the lab test of three samples I submitted for analysis to University of Monroe Louisiana lab. Not much difference in results from all samples.
  17. Not at all Bob. I can provide that but don't have a window right now. I do have a cut piece I will try to download and other pics as well. I never said you were picking on me. Just thought your comment was out of line. Water under the bridge. I am not disagreeing that the small round rocks might well not be a meteorite. Just that this was a witnessed fall with other reports from five different states reported to AMS. Several different facts developed over the first year show that this material should not and has never been in the fall location. I also have pick of thin section taken with my ph
  18. Thanks Nugget108. No problem here. Looking forward to learning and enjoying the forum. I really do appreciate all the help. I hold no ill feelings toward anyone. Life is too short and I have been blessed more than I deserve. Just have a big puzzle on my hands when it comes to these rocks. I don't disagree with 99% of observations so far stated by those who posted. All they have is a couple of photos and my opinion. I won't always understand and may disagree but I will respect their knowledge and experience.
  19. Bedrock Bob, your comments about Mike "picking on people, bursting people's inflated bubble, not being able to sleep at night, etc." is exactly the type of comment that doesn't belong here. It only serves to demean others. I never said my rocks came from Mars and Morlock's comment was, "99.99999999999% these are terrestrial rocks". He didn't differentiate between the two pics. I think he just didn't see the second pic identified as lunar. Also,thank you for speaking for Mikestang. To set set your mind at ease, I accept Mikestangs statement that he wasn't being sarcastic. My apologies Mikestan
  20. It's just my opinion guys and sort of a test. I am a new member but not new to researching, meteorites. I began reading post on this site to hopefully learn more about meteorites from others. Morlock jumped on here and said lunar samples were terrestrial. Haven't heard anything from him since I posted that truth, so as I first learned, you can't tell if it's a meteorite just by looking. Especially looking at a picture. I know, the sarcastic 99.99999999% is his excuse for saying I didn't actually identify as a meteorite, but I get the message. By the way I said I didn't know that they were. M
  21. Morlock, forgot to ask. Are you saying the pic I posted on the bottom are terrestrial rocks? Those were rocks brought back from the lunar surface by Apollo mission. I think it was Apollo 15 but I can go back and check. Pic was taken from Apollo history information. My samples from the first pic do resemble the Apollo rocks but just possibly not as weathered.
  22. Morlock, you may well be right but there is that small percent. Not saying what these are but unusual story behind these rocks and others. There always is, right? These rocks, along with others are from a witnessed fall into a field and small ditch that runs through the field. Small strewn field but some found almost a mile away by another person who owns property in the area. The crop in the field had all been harvested and ground plowed under before I could pick up these rocks, lying on top of the ground. Property owners of both finds stated these rocks and bigger ones had never been seen in
  23. Thanks for the correction Bob. Your are correct, no hematite nodule to my knowledge has fallen to earth. That is until it does. I don't know the authors of this article or their background, so perhaps I shouldn't have shared it or indicated the hematite nodules came from Mars. I need to read closer next time. I don't know if the article is fake news or if you are suggesting I am fake news. If the latter, I can assure you I am not fake, just mistaken. I do like what the article says, truth or not, and it could explain how some of the nodules could have made their way to earth.
  24. Unable to attach the file for some reason. I found an interesting study on IntechOpen, a publisher of open source books by scientists. The title is, "Hematite Spherules on Mars". I think it was published in 2018. It explains a lot about what scientists are finding out through study and research. It also tells how these Hematites could have come from Mars. Just google Hematite Spherules on Mars and it should pop up.
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