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  1. you are right, I was repeating what the geologists up there said.... the rocks are various sizes..mostly rounded.. all have an outer "crust"(?) that seems to be like slate and the interiors are lighter, softer- almost like hardened clay. The whole region is clay... All i know is none could explain other than similar rocks have been found in NWestern states but circles are much less pronounced and exterior "crust" is thinner... Please ignore my husband's chatter about these being meteorites.... may be ejecta from an extraordinary event. It's also non--magnetic but compass will spin when over them.
  2. And another vid. I think iits volcanic in origin also, but very little evidence or even old native legends that talk about volcanoes ... but several Cree and Inuit (Eskimo) stories of a large fireball event... Geologists I've met up there didn't have a clue either (so we wouldn't tell them where we found them- lol) Would love to know what caused the Nastapoka Arc... You can follow a trail of impact-looking areas across Quebec (CANADA) and into Maritime Provinces by St Lawrence seaway. Perhaps the cause of the infamous Mud Flood J.
  3. Here's another video... Hope this is better... My pics aren't as good Clearly shows fusion crust... (i don't believe it is a meteorite... but that Nastapoka Arc was certainly created by some cataclysmic event Hope to hear back! Cheers! J.
  4. Here is a rock collected from Hudson's Bay Nastapoka Arc area. My husband is convinced it's a meteorite...from a big impact. I hope video uploads... if not I will post You tube links. Exterior of rock is slate like... interior is lighter and softer (like hardened clay) Some still had 'bubble' over holes ps... I don' t think it's a meteorite... but something BIG caused the geology in area...
  5. I weighs noticeably heavier than other rocks of same size. I've scratched, hammered meal filed... only the darker rock 'left a whitish mark (which is also a dark green) Drill bit did noting except scratch darker rock I see no evidence of crystal... flowing shiny green.veins..darker green does not shine ... I can't find any images of Olivine that resemble this Found shore of Lake Superior (Canadian side) in a creek bed Not a Michigan Greenstone... I have lots of that being from Michigan Too tumbled to check if it will "glow" with a laser light (not even sure that's a 'thing') NO! The only gemolgist we have around here is too arrogant to waste my time with... Not magnetic No, I am not breaking it open.. It's too pretty to break, Hmmmmm! Are these better clues (?) THANKS AGAIN ALL! Super happy to found you! ps..wait for my next mystery rocks gathered from the Nastapoka Arc area in Hudson's Bay!!! No one is able to ID this either... J.
  6. Any tesitng i can do from home? Any chance it is nephrite jade? So MANY thanks for your help J.
  7. Can anyone help me ID this rock... I'm a newbie... thanks Bedrock Bob. these were taken after "the hammer Really glad to found this platform Cheers J.
  8. Gad! I said it all in the title. my bad so, hope you respond soon cuz I am anxious to find out what I found.. and I am impatient Cheers! J.
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