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  1. Celuke, It appears my evidence has been ignored and not taken into any serious consideration, as I suspected. Hence, why the subject-thread goes into a comedy routine, vs. any substantial data/pictorial evidence showing common terrestrial-iron that exhibit these same crystal features. Check into the subject of "Neumann Bands/lines," found only within high-pressure shocked iron-type meteorites. It does not take an expert or prop-comic to see they are connected with the same high-pressure shock process, as do the photographic samples I have presented that also compare to you
  2. I must respectively disagree with the common consensus here, regarding the specimen at hand. Yes, this is a form of Hematite Iron (Fe2O3) or possibly (Fe4O5), and agreed, this is not a meteorite. The sample in question is actually an "impactite," formed from vaporized/melted (Fe) during an asteroid impact event involving extreme heat/pressure circumstances. I can imagine the previous posters are crying "bloody murder it is," at this very moment of reading. I get that. However, true science involves the "consideration" of new evidence presented and the observation thereof. Here's my
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