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  1. detector is on the way, we are going to hit a pile of rocks with pressure washer to blow the red dirt off and see if there is any visible gold and then hit it hard when detector arrives in couple days his house is almost at the top of the hill so Im thinking the source is likely in his yard and hopefully not under his house LOL
  2. went back today and gathered some of the rocks around where the nugget was found and took home and cleaned and looked with my loop , schist and quartz and there is absolutely gold in some of the rocks, small but its there so im ordering the detector in the morning.
  3. I live in Sonora Ca and was at a friends house today and he pulls out this 3 gram nugget and says look what I found on the ground by my chicken coup. His house is on the side of a pretty steep hill and he had to dig out the hill to make a flat spot for the coups and a garden area and thats where he saw the nugget. soil is typical reddish dirt with rocks and some quarts, he did say he dug through a vein of what looked like crushed quartz running through the dirt. needless to say I'm going back tomorrow to pan some samples in the spot where he dug out and I've been thinking of buying a detector, i loaned my GMT out and it never came back so I'm thinking of getting the monster and working the hillside.
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