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  1. Thanks for the good wishes. In the UK we have something called the Treasure Act which was updated in 1996, see: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/24/contents. It is an Act of the UK Parliament that requires you to declare any Treasure (an object that is not a natural object, is at least 200 or 300 hundred years old, made of 10% or more of gold or silver) - such as two Roman coins or other valuable items. It is pretty fair in that the government just want the opportunity for organisations such as the British Museum to be able to purchase these items from you at a fair market price
  2. I want to start searching in the UK for Roman gold coins and am confused as to what is the best beginner detector to use for Gold finds only. I've been looking at various options online but each has their own good and worse points. Tempted by the MINELAB Gold Monster 1000 as it seems to be so automatic in it's setup for a complete novice. I only want to buy once, so would prefer to spend a little more rather than having more than one device. Any advice from more experienced people than me is very welcome. Most Roman gold in the UK was buried for protection from assailants to be recov
  3. Really pleased to find this forum. I'm a new person from England, United Kingdom. Hello to everyone in the USA and beyond. I'm prospecting for Roman gold Aureus coins in the UK and looking to chat with like minded people searching for all types of gold.
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