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  1. Yesterday drove the 51 miles to the first turn off for my new spot to beep. Everywhere I looked was big brown smoke columns, in every direction. Still liked two miles being to my spot but after thinking about how the boys here start these fires I thought it better to wait for a couple of more days. A few years ago I had one of the local boys tell me how they start the fires. They take a candle of different lengths, depending on how long they want to wait before they have a fire. They put the candle in a small mound of dirt around it's base and then a trail of very dry weeds leading to the big stuff a couple of feet away. The candle length gives them time to be back in town drinking beer and playing footies with the ladies. That way eveybody knows where they were when the fires start and no way can they be to blame.
  2. Lauren Bruner, one of the last four survivors of the attack on the USS Arizona, died Tuesday in California. He was 98. “We are deeply saddened to share the news that Pearl Harbor Survivor Lauren Bruner has passed away,” the Pearl Harbor National Memorial said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “Lauren has come back to Hawaii many times over the years and was well known to many of us here at the visitor center. He will be greatly missed
  3. Left the bakery at 06:00 got to the new area and was suited up and beeping by 07:00. Got 20 feet from the truck and got a good strong signal, was thinking can't get any better than this. Raked a little dirt back with the scoop and then ran the scoop filled dirt over the coil, yep it's in there. A long ago spent .22 short cartridge! Kept going and got about 200 yards away and spotted a hornets next on the side of a tree about waist high.The size of a 20 gallon barrel. Normally those boys are all over you before you can spot them, guess these were still asleep. Did a perfect 180 and headed for the slave digs only a few yards away. About an hour later almost ran face first into a yellow jackets nest, got close enough to see them packed on the bottom side and all moving like they do just before attacking, another fast 180 and half and hour later was at the truck sipping a cup of coffee when I spotted about 1/4 mile away heavy brown smoke headed my way, threw everything in the back and hurried away. Those heavy weeds were higher than the P/U cab and they burn really fast. Thinking maybe tomorrow would be batter.
  4. Lawrence Brooks — a man considered to be the nation's oldest living World War II veteran — celebrated a huge milestone in Louisiana last week: his 110th birthday. Brooks, born on Sept. 12, 1909, was honored on Thursday at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Spotted with a bright lipstick kiss on his cheek at the event, Brooks served in the 91st Engineer Battalion stationed in New Guinea and then the Philippines — a predominately African-American unit of the U.S. Army.
  5. Heading to the new spot tomorrow morning 0545
  6. Dang Mike, never thought of things as storage units. You got me to thinking there's more to getting old than I thought. Storage units here, storage units there!
  7. Took a drive Wed. morning to check out a new area that I just got permission to beep the day before. The area is very large and a lot of brush and trees. It's where the slaves 200+ years ago did extensive gold digging. Lucky for me they didn't have metal detectors so if they didn't see gold in the rocks they just tossed it. I've found nuggets/rocks before in this type of ground. Came back that afternoon and had two wisdom teeth removed so now laying low taking meds until next Wed.
  8. Washington man reports his truck stolen — while he was robbing a store nearby, police say
  9. Yes RD this time of year a lot of fires here. With a 12 month growing season the unwanted grass gets pretty much out of hand. Some of the ranches here have big herds of Brama cows that can really clean up a place fast but this time of year the ranchers like to burn off large tracts for future planting. The prospector also burn a lot of land so they can beep closer to the ground. Both groups blame the other one for the fires since it's illegal to burn. Two days ago many miles West of me I could see the big black cloud that pretty much put San Paulo in the dark at noon. Many different people are burning in the Amazon Rain Forest, really a shame since it supplies about 70-80% of our oxygen.
  10. Defensive Gun Uses Abound Nationwide The Second Amendment is in the U.S. Constitution as a bulwark against tyranny. The right to keep and bear arms is primarily about protection of the Constitution and the Liberty it enshrines. It is only secondarily about personal protection and hunting. Too many Second Amendment advocates fail to drive this point home. Given that foundation, however, and while the Left is busy exploiting the deaths of innocents to ramp up efforts to destroy Liberty through various proposals to ban guns from the law-abiding, it is also important to note that firearms save lives. In July alone, there were numerous examples of law-abiding Americans using firearms to prevent crimes and save lives. We'll give just the briefest of details of a handful of those stories: A South Carolina man shot a drunken attacker. A disabled Florida senior was wounded by four armed men who broke into his home, but he used an AR-15 to kill two of them while sending the two others fleeing. A San Diego man killed an assailant who was stabbing his father. A North Carolina woman killed an ax-wielding attacker. A Tennessee Uber driver shot a man who had fired on his vehicle, defending himself and his passenger. A Louisiana man shot an attacker attempting a carjacking. Others in Kentucky, New Hampshire, Arizona, and elsewhere merely brandished their guns or held would-be burglars at gunpoint and awaited police. Again, these are just a few examples of what in reality are millions of stories. In 2013, even Barack Obama's Centers for Disease Control affirmed studies showing that perhaps millions of lives are saved every year by the lawful defensive use of firearms. Bill Clinton's CDC conducted its own studies in 1996 and 1998, determining that there are "likely over 1 million defensive gun uses of guns" annually. More than 20 years later, concealed carry is more widely practiced. In fact, mere possession of firearms is a deterrent for countless crimes — whether criminals are stopped in the attempt by citizens brandishing a firearm, or whether people with a mind to commit a crime decide otherwise because a gun might be used against them. In the end, this is all a reminder that "gun control" isn't about guns. It's about control.
  11. RD I think it was in the 19 teens and twenty's that the US had survey crews maping and surveying the US so most major roads run N-S, E-W with exceptions for the terrain. Here In Brazl there is no such thing, I keep asking people here with way is North and so far no one knows.
  12. Seven miles East of my house is the lake.
  13. Sorry for the commercial couldn't get the hero story without it. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6069067297001/#sp=show-clips
  14. Reveille as normal today 0500, made the coffee, fed the pooch and headed out the door at 0600 so I could stop at the bakery and get some cheese rolls. Got in the garage and could just barely see the street 50 ft. away. Thought for a minute I was back in L.A. fog but fog doesn't smell like smoke or something burning. Wind was from the East so went out back of the house and tried to look East. I could make out a street light about 100 yards but no further. Got in the PU and headed for the bakery, on the way got a iittle out of the heavy smoke and as far as I could see to the East was a huge cloud of heavy smoke. The police also use that bakery since it's the last one before leaving town so I hurried back to the house so I couldn't be seen in my camo prospecting clothes. So spent the day doing a couple of "honey dos": Like they say "stuff happens".
  15. RD all of that mostly brown is where the water was when the lake was full. The heavy green is where the water stopped. For the last four years the water has been going down except for this year, we just finished the rainy season and the water has come back up but nothing like it was before. Yesterday and again today I had a talk with my engineer that has lake property a little ways SE of these pics. He's in the know about most everything around here bu he's not commenting much about the owners and the scrapes. Still no more leads about the special police force but I know for a fact driving out there is not a smart move.
  16. RD go to GE and coords: 14°32'19.31" S 49°01'40.42" W this is where they took out two kilos. Two other scrqpes: 14°32'29.98" S 49°01'46.26" W
  17. Good advice from desertpilot but just for the record for years Coiltek made the coils for Minelab and possibly they still do.
  18. RD the old patch is only 7 miles from my house. So today I did a search of the area with Google Earth and discovered why the owners of the land around the lake are upset. It's hard to hide disturbed ground from GE. I found several places on what they consider their ground which legally belongs to the state that have fresh scrapes and one being the area I've stood on where they got 2 kilos of gold out by hand and then went back in a month later with a tractor and blade. Don't know if they got more then or not. So the bottom line is they don't like competition! So for now I'm a prisioner staying in the city limits. So Monday I'll talk to my engineer who has the regulations for the lake area.
  19. garikfox here is some good info on Alkaline and Litium batteries. You should call Fisher and ask them if the Litium are to powerful for your pointer. Check the voltage of each. Also put the sen to # 2. Then try touching the ground with the pointer tip and turning it on then. Hope this helps. Comparing Single-Use Batteries Alkaline Lithium Nominal Voltage 1.5 3.0 Estimated Shelf Life 5–10 years 10–15 years Performance at 0°F Poor/good Very good Best or Common Uses Moderate-drain devices: Headlamps Toys Low-drain devices: Clocks Smoke detectors High-drain devices: Digital cameras GPS Moderate-drain devices: Headlamps Toys Distinctive Characteristics Most commonly used and widely available battery. Superior performance in extreme temperatures. Lighter weight than alkaline batteries. Best digital camera choice among single-use batteries. CAUTION: Too powerful for some devices; read product instructions first. Recyclable Yes. To learn how and where, visit: www.call2recycle.org
  20. Really bad news here today. Had to stay in town and get some things done, after that I went by my beeping buddy's house and he just heard today the where my patch is located the owners of the property going in are in a uproar about the holes the prospectors here are leaving so they have the Military Police unit called "HOTA", that's how youi prnounce it but not spell it. Their the same as our SWAT teams but these guys are on steroids, they wear black uniforms, drive around town in a black P/U giving everybody the stare down. They have a very successful negotation team at a hostage event. I saw on the news here about four years ago where they had a bank robber on the sidewalk holding a woman hostage. I don't remember if he had a gun or knife at her throat but the HOTA were across the street talking to him. They talked to him for several minutes and then they sent their chief negotiator across the street to get the situtation under control, they didn't give his name but his initals are 7.62 cal. The camera showed a close up of the results in real time. So now these same guys are patroling the lake, it's ok if your fishing but if your beeping they take you and your equipment to a town 95 miles East of here and charge you with who knows what but in the end they conficate all of your beeping equipment. So now I have my work cut out for me trying to find a place that's safe to beep.
  21. Good Johnno go for it. I don't know what happened on the University deal but it's still being stored at my buddies house. Thanks
  22. Got a little bored while waiting for the wife in the Doc's office so went to YouTube and found this little jewel....enjoy:
  23. Your right Dave, one dealer offered me a price way below the value, another said he would go there and inspect it but never showed up and one even said he would buy it if I would ship it to the USA legally which I did but then he backtracked on me.
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