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  1. sent a msg to the woman that owns the land, asking for more info but haven't heard from her.
  2. Grubby is right on about PC7 can't beat it. I use a pieced of plastic from a laundry detergent bottle to mix the PC7 on and I weigh both A and B on my gold scales so I have the exact right amount of each. Don't be stingy put plenty on the pieces and for sure don't touch for 24 hours.
  3. When I try to open I get a msg that says image blocked
  4. RD that pic is only a small part of the slave digs. some of their digs are small where they followed a vein but in that area it seems to go forever, especially when your inside the digs, there that were deep and the dirt piles are average four feet high. If three people with three detectors spent three days in those digs and found no gold their just flat lying. I have beeped the Eastern edge of those digs and found gold almost every day. About 1/2 mile to the right just out of the pic is where I found the 436 gr. That type of beeping is some of the hardest you can get into with the constant mounds of dirt, completely covered with trees and just plain brush. In the area after I got the 436 gr I slide off one of the mounds and broke two fingers on my left hand, the bones were sticking out. Good ole black electrical tape sure came in handy that day, taped the fingers up with the glove still on and headed home. The gold in that area is worth it!
  5. RD since posting the pic of the area I have permission to beep and you and I talked about it here I just a few minutes ago got a message from the owner saying she is going there because here land has been invaded. Now just after receiving her msg I got a email from another party saying this: "this weekend i went to a place near "Bucaina balneario", do you know it?? It is between niquelandia and uruaçu... me and two other guys... 3 machines, almost 3 days of work... and nothing!" No exact location was mentioned but it seems to me ironic that the two incedents happened together. I'll let you know more when I know more.
  6. Started out again today RD got the cheese bread paid for then say the lightening in the East which is the direction I had wanted to go. Storms off and on here today.
  7. No nothing like it there but there's only three ways out of town here and two of the main ones have Military Police stations that stop some traffic or none, that's when you get everything checked. If you don't have the proper paper work they just confiscate the vehicle. The last time they got me was for a chip in the wind shield. The fine was $200.00 and a new windshile was $350.00 installed.
  8. I like that RD, headed out again tomorrow. Got new tires today so now I'm not affraid of what the cops at the road block might do.
  9. RD that's the first area I went to and worked about an hour before finding that barrel shaped hornets nest. That's the largest one of those kind I've seen here. I was maybe 30 yards from it before I saw it, I lucked out usually that kind of hornet is on you way before that.
  10. Good on ya rascal, that's slap dab in the middle of the heavy slave digs. The dig area there is very big and #4 is about the Southern edge. Those tiype of digs have always produced gold for me, not a lot but the right color.
  11. Got the cheese bread Mike but the weather people said lightening and TS's so I brought the bread back to the house. Lightening still going on up North. This is 14 hours later. Been hit once sure don't want to chance it a second time.
  12. 06:00 tomorrow buy cheese bread at the bakery then eat it on the way to the new spot with the slave digs.
  13. Started asking the lady that owns the new area that's 51 miles away if she is sure exactly where her land starts and ends. I want to be sure I'm on land that I have permission to hunt. I've run into some of these people before that get their land free and their a testy bunch to say the least. The last time was about three years ago with a man that said where I was detecting was his land so I ask him to see the paper/deed their given but he said no. Then out from their house came his wife about a 1/4 mile away with her machete, they were both standing between me and the truck which was another 1/4 mile away 90° in another direction. So I ask the lady how much land their given and she said 5.5 acres which I think clears me in the other dispute years ago. When I was there the other day beeping I notice white stakes about a foot long above the ground with a number painted on them. That is her ID number for the land and I'm guessing a surveyor put the stakes there so what I wanted was the GPS Lat/Long of the stakes so I can put the info on Google Earth and make a printout. The first stakes (2) started about 100 yards from her plastic sheeting house and were only about 12 feet apart which didn't make a lot of sense to me. I ask her about that and she said the land was shaped like a big Y. So the search started for #3 and #4. Never found #3 after looking for and hour in almost impossible jungle so went back to the truck in a clearing and went in the other direction and after a long walk along a fence line that was mostly cleared we found #4. The good part is the entire area is extensive old slave digs, a very good sign. Will try for #3 stake later!
  14. Once again the first one doesn't have a chance, that's a good one Skip
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