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  1. Nothing going on down here. Every prospector I talk to is afraid to go out any more. They say the police are every where, this being the environment police (IBAMA)Every road leading out of this town has to go through a police check point, everybody is scared of losing their equipment. For months now I don't have any item in my truck that could be associated with prospecting. 

    Talked to one of the locals yesterday that is no longer in this state. He and many of the other locals that used to be here are around 2,000 miles North of here. For years very few police there but now that's changing. 

    Been thinking about the GPX6000 since I know where 100's of old "worked out" scrapes are. 

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    2. Red_desert


      I wonder who owns the environment in Brazil? Let's say if a photographer went there to get photos for sale online, what would Brazil have to say about it?

    3. Red_desert


      Social Security told me doing artwork or print for royalties only, is not considered employment or self employment. Of course, you probably will have to pay taxes. I'm putting everything up (past paintings, prints, etc.). That was an old link for website it should be Zazzle.CA.

    4. Red_desert
  2. Gold Washing 2015-11-01 001.mp4
  3. Amigo Bill how much for the GPX 6000 with my military discount? What all comes with the detector?
  4. RD hope you don't have the weight loss like I have, 16 lbs of muscle gone. I look like a Afgan refugee.
  5. Hello folks thanks for the responses and trying to reach me. Still having a few problems from the Covid I had last year. My taste and smell has returned, lost 19 lbs, wasn't overweight to begin with so my weight loss is all in my muscles. Haven't heard of any more arrest of prospectors by the Federal Police since about last April or May. Most of the prospectors here have moved about 1,500 miles North. The gold buyer got out of jail but he opened a new shop but he doesn't buy gold any more. I need to visit him to see how much he wants for the GPX 6000. Bill will my GPX 4000 coils work on the GPX 6000? I have about 8 different coils. The little Joey mono is hard to beat on a worked out patch! Mac I didn't know you had returned to Brazil, are you staying or visiting. Stop by any time. My email is still the same: d.goldmartin@uol.com.br, cell phone: 55-62-8541-0545 that's my "whatsapp"number but it only works if I have a wi-fi connection.
  6. At least this week I guess the Mayor has let things more or less go back to normal. Guess no spikes in the virus deaths. Hope this smooth sailing last awhile.
  7. Here it is Sunday, went to the restaurant this morning to have another great lunch but got stopped short just as I was getting out of my pickup by one of the waitress', it seems like their back to call in orders and delivery only but she took my order and had me return to my truck and wait. Five minutes later she delivered my order to me in my truck. Hope to find more tomorrow from the owners.
  8. Now the wife of my friend that passed away has CV so bad she has to hold on to something to just walk to the bathroom. Yesterday our third week of lockdown ended so today we got to eat in a restaurant like nothing ever happened. Freedom sure feels good.
  9. Covid took a good friend yesterday, he was 88 years old, a retired police Lt.
  10. HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD TROOP! :oregonian_winesmiley:

    1. El Dorado

      El Dorado

      Thanks Amigo, we have certainly become official grumpy lad men......

  11. RD now three down and out, only one left. We just entered our third week of lock down. Yesterday I called a Sheriffs deputy in a town 20 miles North of here and she said the town was still free. So I headed there and bought four cases of beer, then today they went to lock down, WHEW. Went to my restaurant today now the new rules are NO BODY INSIDE THE RESTAURANT, call-in orders only and then they deliver. So I stood outside and told them what i wanted, then went and sat in my pick-up until they "delivered" my food. After lunch I cleaned out all items related to prospecting from my P/U.
  12. Just found out that two of the four people I know that came down the last two weeks with the virus is dead. All about my age.
  13. Just finished today a eight day lock down but it also started a new eight day lock down today. Under the old rules I go into a restaurant and fill my styro foam container then take it out to eat somewhere else. New rules today if I get caught inside the restaurant I get fined almost $1,000.00 USD. No beer sales under lock down rules, may have to cut back one beer a day to stretch my supply.
  14. Three more arrested this week, all equipment seized. That makes nine in just two weeks.
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