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  1. 4 am and time to go try for a nugget with the GM 1000 to hot and sweaty to take the big guns :inocent: Going to work some shallow bedrock all of 3 inches deep in a large area with quite a few little pickers mixed with the BBs.

    If you go out remember lots of water.... Gonna be a hot one today. :desertsmile:

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  2. Hi All, We will be doing the fall outing in the weekend of November 15-17 at Little San Domingo. There will be some cool things going on and Minelab will also be there with some cool stuff to let you all test drive. More details as they come in.

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  3. 23 hours ago, Jimmy M said:

    Certainly a wonderful find, but "second largest Arizona nugget" found is a far stretch. Specific gravity test reveals a 22 troy ounce gold content, whereas Kevin Hoagland and Terry Bone both found 27 ouncers in AZ. And what about the Potato Patch at Rich Hill, where LARGER potato-size nuggets were recovered? Just sayin'. HH Jim

    And lets not forget Jim Boxbergers 2.27 pound specimen with 1.57 pounds of gold from San Domingo placers here in AZ


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