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  1. We had one heck of a mess to clean up and we had to get all current members to vote so we could move ahead which has now been done. As of now we only have 3 claims left due to the previous powers that were not filing properly and losing the rest. We are currently rebuilding and adding new claims as we begin to finally move forward after the first of the year.

    Anyone having claims that would like to contact us for the club to use thus becoming a member and able to use club claims and have membership are welcome as well.

    Our purpose is to educate folks about mining as well as to help fight for our right to mine by working with other organizations doing the same and by pulling together we make a difference.

    There are currently a good pile of very good claims we will be adding and we are continuously working to acquire more.

    The more that step up and join with or without a claim to add the better and this is a totally NON PROFIT Corporation and all our efforts are focused of keeping our right to mine intact and find some gold while doing it...

    Cheers Bill, President of WSPA

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  2. Thank you Paul and that means a lot, but I do ramble a bit me thinks :duc: You Tube is perfect for me to share what I know and all I had to do was turn on a camera since I talk to myself when hunting anyway and rocks, birds, snakes, and so on.... I am doing this because I have always been one to share how to and what to use to be successful and when I started out there wasn't much help out there and no internet to browse either. So no with me and many others sharing what and how it lessens the learning curve for folks by a bunch.

    Oh and it is a lot of fun too :yesss:

    Thanks again and GH

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  3. We use both the Hero 7 Black and 8 Black and use none of the mounts so far though we have near everyone made even the dog mount :tisk-tisk:, just use a short tripod with bendable legs for all my filming. I love the Hero 8 Black, but am also chomping at the bit to get the "media mod" due out this month which has a direct plugin for a mic without the adapter we need with the 7 and 8 currently. I shoot in linear almost all the time and love the videos these little cameras produce. 

    I try to be as real as possible showing trash digs as well as the good ones so folks understand what we "really" do to find nuggets and my subscribers really like seeing all aspects of the hunt as opposed to just the nugget digs. Some videos we all share the skunk...

    We also used a Cannon video camera early on and though the video quality was great it was too big to fit in my tool pouch I wear on my waste and also was prone to getting dirt in the lens cover etc. causing issues. The GO PROs are small and water (dust) proof and slide right into the pouch tripod and all. Having to pull a camera out of a back pack or other case quickly gets irritating when in the field digging many targets. I mean ya got to film them all because you don't know if it is gold or not right?

    I edit with cyberlink power director 18...

    Have fun and will look forward to your videos Chris

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