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  1. I have had it and it was good, ditto on the scent glands they MUST be removed. Then ya stuff with fruit like oranges, apples, etc. with some bread. Then mix Coke or Pepsi with lots of honey use tinfoil to wrap and coat with the honey pop mix. Add spices to taste like pepper, garlic, salt, etc. Seal it up wrapping in several layers of foil and place in a pre prepared hot bed of coals in a small pit cover with coals and dirt and wait about 1 hour per pound of pig or a bit longer and enjoy.

  2. Hi Bill, Nice color...

    Couldn't your detector find some of those pieces? They seem big enough.

    How does the GPX 5000 compare to the X-Terra-705 for small nuggets?



    That is a close up in the pan and not as big as they look, the GPX will find gold as small as the 705 at better depth in my opinion, but I do not have a bunch of time on the Minelab VLFs. The Eureka will hear very small gold as well and could hear some of the small wire better.

    All the gold shown detected and vacuumed totals less than 4 grams by feel, but I do not currently have a working digital scale to get exact. Small stuff.....

  3. I coveth wire gold above all others and your sweet spot is indeed hot-congrats Bill. What type of filtration cloth are you using to keep the grit/ twigs / misc out of the vac impeller. I used good old indian head cloth like all my drywashers but not utilized in years soooo inquiring minds would like to know current info as sure eats'm up fast if not filtered???Tons a au 2 u 2-John :thumbsupanim

    Window screen John, the cloth I have tried clogs quickly and the motor gets hot trying to get air.... The stuff getting through the window screen has not caused much of a problem and the motor usually gives up before the impeller blade for me. I get several years out of them before they give up on me, main thing is let them cool between tanks of gas to get more life.

  4. Sweet, William! (Ok, a pun from one gardener to another) Bill, some of those bits look more stream worn than others. How great a distance was involved from where the 4 buckets were vacuumed?

    Not far at all Jim around 10 or 15 feet max and if you look at the nuggets found with my detector showed same thing, some looking more rounded and then the rougher wire and nuggets. The wire and rougher bits were in a small depression at the head of the small drainage and the rest was in it, but the darn gold seems to just stop a bit over half way down the darn drainage. Perhaps 2 different sources though the gold looks very similar in how it formed with some of the wire also showing the slight rounding and likely same source, but looking around there is no real outcrop or spot that looks to be the host. Perhaps left long ago by gold rich gravels now eroded away like many places in and around the Hieroglyphic Mountains or eroded out of one of the many small epithermal deposits in the area.

    There have also been allot of copper nuggets taken from just over the hill, but have never got a gold nugget from there....

  5. That's some sweet gold there, Bill ...Hope you find the load for that batch o' yella ... I've got a gold vac tank and hose, just need to figure out which gas powered blower to mount on it ... Any recommendations? ... I know that some of them won't stand up to extended use, but can't remember which one's they are... :old: ...Yer's in CRS ... Cheers, Unc

    Hi Ron, I like Ryobe only because the intake screen is attached with screws so mounting to a bucket is a snap... One thing I have learned is that the gas lines into the plastic tank are just pushed in and when set sideways will leak if not sealed with some RTV or goop. You do not want to perm glue them cause they may need replaced eventually. 4 stroke will outlast 2 stroke, but the 2 stroke seem fine if you do not run too long and overheat them. Kind of like a chainsaw ya got to let them cool between tanks of fuel or they will cook themselves especially in out heat.

  6. OK I detected for 3 hours today and got no more of the small wire gold and nuggets that I was getting earlier in the week, bummer. So I went and got the vacuum out of the truck cause I was smart enough for once to be prepared and vacuumed the small depression at the head of the wash where most of the wire came from and I vacuumed the shallow piddler wash as well. Then after nearly breaking my back carrying 4 buckets of dirt back to the truck (long walk) I was rewarded with this when I got home and ran it through the drywasher....


  7. Way cool, Bill. Really love that wire gold. At one of my favorite spots I was detecting a portion of crumbling, chalky country rock along a strike zone where the old miners had removed most of the original ore vein, leaving only small patches of remaining quartz. At one such patch, maybe 3 inches by 4 inches, I got a nice "dig here" signal. I pounded my Estwing chisel into the decomposing rock above and behind the quartz, and then pulled the chisel end toward me, to dislodge the quartz.. As I did, the already fractured quartz made sounds akin to snapping spider webs. Closer examination revealed the quartz to be interlaced with wire gold. Burned out with HF, the wires later fetched 5x spot. Keep up the good work! HH Jim

    That is a neat story Jim and I bet those old timers were getting some very nice stuff there only to get melted...

  8. It is an interesting puzzle in that if you look close at a few of the nuggets they have some rounding and these were in the tiny wash itself most of the wire is from the head of the wash laying on and in exposed bedrock no more than a inch or so deep.... I have found nothing in the lower part of this small drainage nor in the wash it feeds. I may have to begin sampling for some future drywashing action in the deeper material below if the detecting drys up.

  9. Bill:

    Thats some really awsome gold for the AZ area. :)

    Glad your on a good spot for sure :)))))

    Hope you find a lot more....maybe the size of barbwire next time! WEEEEE!!

    Tom H.

    Thanks Tom, this is the most wire gold I have found in all my years of doing this and it is a pretty cool deal for me. Indeed I am hoping for the big one, but this is a very small area and have it scrubbed pretty clean now. But perhaps further searching around will get me into some barbed wire :brows:

  10. Rim, The higher KHZ settings will hit much harder on very small nuggets than the 20 KHZ and this is one of the benefits of the Eureka Gold as you can choose from 3 settings, but the king of tiny nugget recovery is the good old Gold Bug 2 at 71 KHZ. The 20 KHZ setting may have also heard them, but did not try as I was on a mission that I figured the higher settings would be best.

  11. Nice gold Bill!

    I'm surprised you were using the Eureka. Glad to see it found some.


    Hi Rim, sometimes gold that is oddly shaped or porous will confuse a PI detector causing me to miss gold and over the years I have learned how to identify this type of nugget and will use a VLF in some of these areas to see if I may have missed some of this type gold. It is hard to explain, but this has come up often here over the years and we call them invisible nuggets in jest. This gold led me to believe I should go back over the small area the gold is coming from with a VLF and I was rewarded with the smaller bits of wire and small nuggets. Most were found with the 5000 and 8" mono in fine gold settings

    Can't build a house with just one tool and nugget shooting is the same I have learned :old:

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