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  1. Hey Bill,

    If it is not some closely guarded secret can you tell me how to smoke a brisket as good as you do.

    I have done three of them, and they taste like crap.  They are too smokey, they don't have that great bark on them.  I have read every darn recipe in the world, and none of them turn out like the pictures.

    I have an electric smoker.  So I am able to keep the heat well regulated.  I'm just not sure about the whole smoking thing.  I have used wood chips, but do you smoke it just at the beginning, during the entire process.  Do you cover it, don't cover it, cover it only part of the time.

    Your brisket was so darn good the last time.  It just melted in your mouth.  Maybe I just can't get the same results with an electric smoker, but I know a lot of guys that get really good results with their electric smokers.  But not me.  I think I'm cursed.

    Can't wait for this darn hot weather to settle down.

    Thanks!  Take care,


    1. Nugget Shooter

      Nugget Shooter

      Hi Doc, OK I use a gas smoker, but ele should be fine and I smoke them at 200 degrees and never hotter and yes temp drifts now and then with wind etc, but I adjust.  I use a rub from Safeway or Albertsons called Spade L Ranch rub and they have it at meat counter usually in a little display, best I have found.

      I coat lightly with olive oil and rub the meat about 3 hours before smoking and gob it on good then let warm to room temp before going into smoker. I smoke it naked with no wrap..... Use smoke the whole time and keep water tray full as well and I use Apple and Pecan with a touch of cherry. WATER in the smoker is important and keeps it from drying out. Always cook fat side up and score the fat about I/4 inch deep or so also important to keep moist. Have the meat guy leave the fat on when he splits the tip from flat for you.

      Smoke the Tip and flat separated and get it to 185 or 190 F before removing from smoker depending on size usually 8 to 12 hours or longer. DO NOT poke any holes in it after it starts cooking as it will drain all the juice out and yep dry again. When ya put in the thermometer leave it in....

      OK most important part Remove from smoker, wrap in foil, then a thick towel, and put in cooler to set for 40 minutes or so. It will reabsorb moisture and keep cooking for that while time to proper temp of 195 F. No cooler? More towels....

      Image result for best meat rubs




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  2. Howdy Bill. Tim Hibbs here. 

    Thanks for a great forum with loads of info. I got out of prospecting 20 years ago to raise the family. They are out of the house and doing fine. Getting close to retirement and slowly back into enjoying the outdoors and finding some color. I belong to Road Runner and am joining GPAA again. If I see you out there, I will introduce myself and Thank You in person.

    Good Health to You.


  3. so much gold...so little time in life

    1. Nugget Shooter

      Nugget Shooter

      I think I can get them and will check...

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