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  1. Ahhhhh Yes Lanny, What a post to wake up to this fine AZ morning and you made me feel like I was there with you! Yup you are right about those square nail heads and horseshoe nail heads sound much the same and can be anywhere in the desert I totally agree with your findings on the GP 3500 and the machine is well suited for our nasty soils down here in the Southwest also and what a difference over it's predecessors. Is the soil you hunt highly mineralized also? If you stick a magnet in the ground in most of out placer areas it comes out with fur (iron minerals) on it. Good hunting, Bill
  2. Welcome home Lanny! You can bet I am also looking forward to your postings! Glad to have you back on board. Bill
  3. Howdy Blackhills, Welcome to be sure and it will be the group that will make this another great place to learn. This is sort of a hunter gatherer sight also as many of us actively hunt for these great gifts from outer space. Just knowing that what we do is of great interest to science as well as...er....worth money makes it a rewarding pursuit. There are also some very knowledgeable "lurkers" out there that perhaps can be coaxed to speak up with the right questions ;) Cheers and look forward to your input! Bill
  4. Well the rules here are a bit different as I welcome meteorites for sale! Naturally the main reason for this forum is education, but collecting is also a big part of this subject. So No crappy or degrading posts or they will be deleted, other than that post away! Bill
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