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  1. 28.1 grams and many or most of them are in the videos I share, but some are not as it is nice to get out without the camera and all the hub bub
  2. Hammered area after hammered area at the LSD the 6000 keeps them coming
  3. Welcome back my friend and very good to know you are well. I have missed your input. Things are well?
  4. All were shallow and thunk outside the box today and worked some areas that didn’t look ideal But gold don’t care if it looks good to us or not!
  5. I have known Jack for 20 years or better now, he has some good claims in his newest club venture.
  6. Some folks just do not want to share their finds online...
  7. Several ounces... He doesn't want to share online etc. Some folks are just old fashioned that way.
  8. Looks good, we did a brisket Sunday and it was great!
  9. Love that first photo! Yeah I like my old Chevy for many of the same reasons. My new Tacoma from 2005 came and went, but the 1994 Chevy is still me favorite beast!
  10. Yep look at copper minerals as suggested, do you have any photos of your work?
  11. Hematite. Red-Brown streak. You can see iron oxide on the samples shown.
  12. A big specimen was found at the LSD recently and yes I have seen it. It is in orange stained Quartz with gold spider webbed all through it along with blobs of gold! Very water rounded as well which was interesting and it has a lot of gold in it! How this one has waited this long to be found is mindboggling, but I can't share a location. Guess everyone figured it was just too loud a target to be gold
  13. OK looks like you got the hang of it pretty fast!
  14. You will love it and can't wait to see some cool finds
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