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  1. I still have one of those..... Mostly use good old Minelab coils.
  2. You will be happy and a pig in..... with the 4500. GH
  3. Happy Birthday One more year putting up with me....
  4. Will any Blue tooth headset work with this one Dave?
  5. Sometimes bluetooth can cause a delay in the signal and that is why I was asking here to see if anyone has found a decent set. There are good BT sets at walmart and bestbuy I have seen, but.....
  6. Hey all, have any of you come up with a easy to go buy wireless set of headphones for the GM1000. You know like I can waltz into Best Buy or somewhere and pick up?
  7. Cool shirts Adam, will wear it proudly
  8. At Dome Rock area in Quartzsite, AZ... This will be held the 22nd to 24th of March 2019 and all are welcome. Mike posted for me in Outings section and this is a bring your own meat to grill affair with each of us bringing another dish to pass. We will have a huge grill that Roger D built many years ago for this purpose and will have a nice hot charcoal fire ready to cook on Saturday evening. BRING some firewood if you can or a bac of charcoal for Sat. Dish to pass RV access is easy here we will be on a GPAA claim Joining the Quartzsite gold club is a good idea can get VERY WINDY! both GPAA and Roadrunner claims in the area. Maps will be posted as we move along and hope to see you all there.
  9. Happens with super dooper favorite beeper the 3500 as well sometimes it is simply the nature of the PI and a good VLF is a good tool to have in the box for the little ones, but the GPZ will go DEEEEEEP on ground flat enough for a 14 inch coil
  10. Hey this guy is legit my friends and I have been communicating with him prior to his post here. I am the one that sent him here to look for folks more experienced in actual Treasur Hunting as I do mostly nugget shooting with a bit of coin relic hunting thrown in. Would be a cool and fun opportunity for someone me thinks.
  11. Hahaha, darn thing was so thin that I could hear it flat, but as soon as it got moved sideways it vanished. Oh and she was right there and I am lazy so I yelled "please come find this &$%#@* thing and you can have it. Whoops.....
  12. Hahahahaha......Haha, yep We said snake> (too cold) then Nugget lol
  13. What a fantastic and exciting find, ya just never know what that next target will be!
  14. Yep only major difference it gold mode and wireless headphones and yes I carry both and there is a forum discount....
  15. Too much sensitivity will indeed increase ground noise and false signals....
  16. I dig all targets when nugget shooting unless I am "cherry picking" a super trashy area....
  17. Hi Rob, I am using a Cannon 850 IS for the close up shots. Have had this camera for many years, small and really good for close up shots.
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