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  1. Nope, the wind moving the flags moves the whole camper... Irritating. Camo truck and cabover is pretty idable
  2. We will be here.... West bound on I-10 from Quartzsite, exit I-10 on exit 11. At stop sign turn left under interstate and left again staying right on Dome Rock Road. When you turn onto Dome Rock Road travel East Toward Quartzsite for 1.4 miles to the SW corner of the GPAA Flat Foot claim, coordinates; 33° 38' 36.416"N 114° 18' 12.440"W. You do not need to be a member to camp, but must be a member to prospect. I will have a few membership with me just in case....
  3. See you there Jim, will be speaking both days.....
  4. Are they still active? was a member for years, but they kind of went under the radar....
  5. Nice nugget and I have also found many like that in almost 30 years hunting with a detector.
  6. Quartzsite metal detecting club, Roadrunners, GPAA
  7. We live in a different world than the one where the simple Boy Scout Motto was, Tryst worthy, loyal, helpful, friendly....... I remember when in the Northern states you could stay in a cabin, leave a few bucks, and an extra can of food and all was good. Sorry rambling..... sad sad sad ..... Ya can't be there all the time and folks could care less.
  8. Coming in like a big bull elk..... NOW
  9. GOOD GOLD on the Roadrunner claims when flowing using a 1.5 inch dredge.... In the 90's when it was wetter than the last 15 years or so.....
  10. Very Nice.... Gary is an ornery feller, but can get some nice gold posted
  11. This detector is in excellent condition and comes with all in picture, has headphone adaptor for standard 1/4 inch jack, hip stick,and control box protective cover. No Headphones with this detector, but I have some in stock.... This detector is 3750.00 new and this one can be had for only 2550.00 OBO
  12. No but you have more places to hunt....
  13. Amazing find, I remember the feeling when I found "Trilby Wash" and had it classified by ASU's Lora Bleacher..... I still have a couple pieces of it and the rest went to collectors and museums. Congrats of an amazing find!
  14. OK, Yes this is a gold forum and has been for like 20 years now, you post the same question at least once a year Here is some Gold Monster 1000 and GP 3500 gold with a few GPZ 7000 bits included, just more into educating than showing off these days Sorry for the crappy phone photo, but camera in truck and I am too lazy to go get it, most all from 2018 with a few from 2019 so far thrown in..... Many of the actual finds are at my YouTube channel in my YouTube crap
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