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  1. You will just have to try and see what is best, there is allot of depth loss running in "fine gold" as it is made to sniff out small and shallow targets so I would try good old normal timing with a DD
  2. Good news Tom, heal well and fast
  3. A DD can help allot in these cases like the 11 inch round, but some rocks like the grey Basalt are gonna sing much of the time as will others....
  4. Beautiful Snake Adam! Cool picture....
  5. Very cool Guys, Just saw this, been walkabout
  6. I run mostly Minelab coils on my Minelab's..... My 2 aftermarket are NF.....
  7. Just some cool looking gold so thought I would share, GM 1000 .... GH
  8. Gotta love gold any size, shap, or color
  9. Lanny, if I could..... Add you to my list of amazing prospectors? Good to have had you aboard for all these years and the photos and story are amazing!
  10. Yep and forums are wonderful in just that way.... Gold hunting ain't easy and learning a new spot is what we try to share here I think. Nope I do not tell everyone where I go, but nor do others including you Gary. It is all good and it is nice to be able to share what we do..... I have never taken offence to someone (s) opinion on how to rather then where to and respect the privacy of the prospector while enjoying his hunt. Man we have some skilled folks here and yep tight lipped except in helping to learn the skills, but sometimes ya got to read between the lines some. Few here I think show "it all" for various reasons, but will give advice that is sometimes priceless.....
  11. I have been going to this area for over 20 years Mitchel and I have 6 or 7 spots I like to hunt in the area several miles from where we camp, one I got 10.5 ounces out of one wash in 2003. The road in is a nightmare and even worse getting into some of my spots as you have to crawl through and over Manzanita, Buck Brush, and Catclaw to get to them since off road travel is not allowed in Prescott National Forest ya got to hike quite a ways. After a couple days doing this and losing a quart of blood or so it is nice to go home I also have a close friend's claim I am allowed to hunt in the area. In the old days MANY BIG NUGGETS were pulled out of this area and it is still producing today. Just nice to have a good place to go and I get there several times a year, but the whole area gets shut down during fire season now....
  12. OH and listen to the others advise as well. We got a special place here and amazingly talented prospectors from ALL OVER THE WORLD.....
  13. Not much I can add, but watch My and Chris's videos.... IT WILL HELP
  14. Looks good Doc and better than breaking them eh?
  15. We will arrive Friday Morning... See ya all there
  16. The targets you show mean you are not going to miss one if you get over it, Nice work
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