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  1. My Mentor has left..... It is not that I am selfish, but I feel a loss like no other over this. I dealt with the pain of knowing a month or two back of this day coming. I am sad and proud to have known this man so well for so long.
  2. Ugly gold is beautiful eh? we were at Saddle Mountain today and had a blast....
  3. Looks like a great day was had by all.... Nice yeller
  4. That is wayyyyyyy cool Adam and I just love getting the wire! I got 3 that day and decided to bail before the rain.... Congrats on a great piece.
  5. They are very tight Fred and have to be lined up perfectly to go on and it can be aggravating , I can send another to try if you want....
  6. Oh the stories I have to remember him by, so sad...... RIP dear friend.
  7. Yep Skip nailed it and they are not out to get ya, but make a messy web in corners and dark places
  8. Man I love nuggets like that and I have some very similar.... Congrats on some beautiful stuff Adam.
  9. When experimenting you will have a bit of an eye opener about the differences between timings and resulting depth differences especially with medium to larger coils on large targets. When I was testing this detector for Minelab before it's release we worked many hours with different coils and timings regarding target size and depth.... If you can find a natural deep non ferrous sounding target that is faint adjust your detector and listen to the target in different timings to get the best results. You can bury one on the edge of hearing it with the "fine gold" timings then try different timing
  10. YouTube is a great place to share....
  11. That is very much dependent on soil conditions as displayed in the chart, but it pays to get out of the "fine gold" timings if you are using larger coils and wanting to gain depth.
  12. You will just have to try and see what is best, there is allot of depth loss running in "fine gold" as it is made to sniff out small and shallow targets so I would try good old normal timing with a DD
  13. Good news Tom, heal well and fast
  14. A DD can help allot in these cases like the 11 inch round, but some rocks like the grey Basalt are gonna sing much of the time as will others....
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