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  1. There is a bell icon by the like button Adam and one can click that at YouTube to be notified whenever a new video is posted by that channel. I have your bell rung mister
  2. Yes they are Adam and lifetime warranty
  3. Love it.... Wade is one of my young heroes
  4. I too have been a victim Fred.... Got words for this, but family friendly forum and Skip would fire me
  5. Nice gold and..... I am with Fred and Dave, Meteorite (likely) Nice hunting man! Or at least worth further investigation
  6. Great Job, but remember every wash ends...... Then it is back to prospecting for the next one. Gotta love this game.
  7. I have the Detector Pro GM 1000 headphones in stock now for those interested. https://nuggetshooter.com/store.html#!/HEADPHONES/c/21744346/offset=0&sort=normal
  8. My Mentor has left..... It is not that I am selfish, but I feel a loss like no other over this. I dealt with the pain of knowing a month or two back of this day coming. I am sad and proud to have known this man so well for so long.
  9. Ugly gold is beautiful eh? we were at Saddle Mountain today and had a blast....
  10. Looks like a great day was had by all.... Nice yeller
  11. That is wayyyyyyy cool Adam and I just love getting the wire! I got 3 that day and decided to bail before the rain.... Congrats on a great piece.
  12. They are very tight Fred and have to be lined up perfectly to go on and it can be aggravating , I can send another to try if you want....
  13. Oh the stories I have to remember him by, so sad...... RIP dear friend.
  14. Yep Skip nailed it and they are not out to get ya, but make a messy web in corners and dark places
  15. Man I love nuggets like that and I have some very similar.... Congrats on some beautiful stuff Adam.
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