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  1. These are from some years back, I was weighing them before selling to Matt at Gold Rush Nuggets if I remember right.
  2. Good to meet you and those Cholla will get ya...
  3. Sounds like a great day and I too have places to hunt where I share the gold with the claim owner....
  4. Out hillside and piddler wash prospecting in a new spot yesterday paid off... Think I will be going back because I like cornflakes.
  5. Nice stuff Sonny, that is the stuff we were talking about?
  6. That is getting it done.... Simple as that.
  7. Gotta love it, nice one. Cool on the beanie Tammy liked her's too
  8. No air bags as they are rotted out so very little clearance. Dave idea on how to drive it was gun it to get across and tear it up lol. Not an option even for someone like me that does not know how to drive.....
  9. Will be driving the coach out later today and hope to make it across the wash See ya there.....
  10. We are not allowed to have vendors etc. at the outing because on State Trust Land guys... Otherwise I would have a booth and sell stuff as well. This is simply a camp out get together and educational outing including what Minelab is doing. We are selling nothing and could get into hot water if the State thinks we were.... This is very clear in the posts about the outing each year. I try to keep everyone aware of this and sorry if I didn't get the message out properly.
  11. OUTING MAP Here is the camp location for the outing, there is also a spot before the pavement ends for the big fancy rigs to camp if they do not want to cross Little San Domingo wash.
  12. Hard to come by these days, try Ed Rogers Rare books.... http://www.geology-books.com/
  13. Yeah Mike Tony is still around, have not seen him or had a chance to say hello though.
  14. Hello All, The WSPA is once again going to rebuild and I am the new President with Denny Miller as VP and the cool part is many of the original members are still on board and ready to grow the club and claim holdings. We now have a public forum up here https://wspa.invisionzone.com/ where you can ask questions and learn about the club. Not much there yet as we are still trying to get our ducks in a row. We are currently working hard to get new claims into the club again and claim owners are welcome to contact us to see what we offer if you allow the club to have access to your claims. There is no longer a member cap either and we are free to grow to help spread our message and educate the public about mining and how to prospect as well as how to locate and hold a claim legally. There is a lot more to us and if interested in being a part of something soon to be very special check us out and feel free to ask any questions!
  15. Not that I know of Tom, there is some open ground out there and perhaps someone could allow you to be their guest on a club claim. Nice folks abound...
  16. Gold on Left is LSD, Gold on Right is to my West 25 miles or so....
  17. Here are a few of my friends from the last several weekends. GM 1000 and SDC 2300
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