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  1. Hey guys, We are a US now and to make these type decisions we will vote. See poll for choice of weekends. Bill
  2. Your call fellows..... Seems fair to vote. Bill
  3. Hi John, There has been other discussion of a "cap" as it were and I know of several clubs that do just that and they are quite successful, plenty of help from within due to more folks knowing each other personally and wanting to do their part. Some of the larger clubs out there are constantly trying to get help and folks to attend meetings, why when they have a thousand members or more, plenty to help right? Yes, but they have lost the comradery of a tight knit club where folks know each other and care about claims and supporting the club. A club is about working together and making the association work as a whole and we hope our forum base and knowing each other first will help avoid the dreadded "freeloader" members in it for the gold only and not willing to help support the club other than "screw em' they got my 135.00" Bet most of you have heard that from other clubs members at least once. I too am for what you have suggested (100 member cap) and others as I said have asked about this and I assume it will be on the agenda at the meeting in March (Gold Basin) the weekend of the 17th. !00 sounds very reasonable and as we are totally non-profit there is no drive to fill the coffers any fuller than we need to support healthy claim turnover and filing as well as association expenses. We will do a fund raiser here and there to help as well. The bylaws and runes as well as our articles of incorporation are now in the hands of the State of Arizona being duely recorded which means as of Feb 5th or so (they pro-rate date upon approval) all changes must be done by vote and those procedures are strictly goverened by again our bylaws and articles of incorporation. Did you know that as a non-profit corp. if we go under any and all association holding go to Arizona charities and not the folks running the show? Just thought that was interesting.... Advertising? Nope we so far plan to stay very low key and if folks want to join they will need to make the initial contact for more info. Low key and close knit means a successful and fun club where close friendships will brew as opposed to internal bickering and no one willing to help run the clubs basic functions cept one or two.... Give it some thought WSPA members (like that word) Bill
  4. The lawyer is finished, we are waiting on the State of Arizona to approve and issue paperwork and license is all. Bill
  5. Yep, That was in December and man was that a nasty weekend.... Mid-March is normally real nice. I hope. The other option would be CA on some of our claims.... Rest are at higher altitudes and...well....burrrrrrr Bill
  6. Hi Ron, Just as soon as the State releases out business license. Bill
  7. I am guessing at Gold Basin as we have a tract of private land available for the Associations use. Second weekend of March is good for me as well... I am now waiting on the paperwork to get here from Denny and back to the attorny it will go for final submittal. We all (officers) all live in different areas so we had to slail mail the paperwork to each, notorizeing the signature of each of the incorporators and then pass it to the next guy. No big deal, but time consuming... Bill
  8. Hi Dave, I am sure Denny can use some help once in a while and he too in in CA. I am guessing you will hear from him... Thanks, Bill
  9. Hello Calvin, We have a total of 38 members at this time. Bill
  10. Hi Mike, Yes it is getting close to completion and now only paid members will have access to the WSPA forum. One of these days we will actually have our paperwork approved, but this is giving us time to complete claim work. Bill
  11. Yes we discussed it, but a small club would quickly fade away if all were life members and the club had no income... The 135.00 per year is in place to assure that each year our monies for claims is in place and allows for renewals as well as aquiring new claims for members to work. If in the future members want to change this law it can be done by a vote. Personally I'd prefer to keep giving my 135.00 per year to assure the club stays healthy claim wise and otherwise. Good hunting, Bill
  12. If you were able to get into the main forum without log is (cookies saved) you will also be able to get into WSPA since you were pre logged and your info saved by the board. A pc is never really secure and that is also why we will be sharing no info about claim locations or internal club business at the forum. We will share meeting minutes and such though for members not able to attend. Thanks for the heads up! Bill
  13. You are right Slim and if a feller has long term mining of a claim in mind then the best bet would be to save the 135.00 dollars he would use to join and use it to purchase mineral rights of his own. The time limit is still in place for living on the claim, but he can then mine one spot as long as the gold permits good recovery. In a club one works as a team to aquire good claims and thus they should be used in a way that promotes teamwork and fairness to all that put their hard work and monies into the association and running it. To me it is not about the gold though it does take a close second, it is about friends having a place to hunt as more and more public land open for claim is snatched up. There are several of us working our asses off to get some good areas locked in for members to hunt right away and many will be leased from some really great members with no motive other than to join the same as the rest of us, but they have offered up some VERY GOOD claims for us all to use. There are numerous offers of help and like I keep saying "after incorporation we will need it" and you may all have some work to do. If any of you guys have areas in mind you think we should grab before someone else nabs it speak up or contact any of the folks putting this together and we will get on it. I have to miss the Tucson show this weekend to do claim evaluation work :tisc-tisc: Soon we'll put together a claims commitie and some other offices to spread the responsibility and get things a little more efficient. We're not out to be big or small just good! If we have less than 100 members who cares? less than 50 :shrug: we still will be able to hold good claims and offer members great options to hunt around the Western States. Yep it's gonna be fun! Bill
  14. Thanks Mike and we'll sure let ya all know when we need a hand. Bill
  15. Hey Slim and all, Never took anything the wrong way, just answered your question again. Please don't try to put emotion into my typing unless I add one of these as a clue Besides I don't huff-n-puff online :no: er not much anyway. Bill
  16. That is a hard one and I think actual humans watching will be the best way to nab them. I know thats allot of hassle and lost time doing a stake out, but it's the best way, take pictures and press charges. The new binocular cameras out can really take some good photos after you find them. Patroling the road for their vehicle in the AM, and early PM should nab them if they are parked near the claim right? Anyway it is a tough thing dealing with theives and the old fasioned method of hiring a "caretaker" may also work.... Good luck fellers, Bill
  17. Sounds like a plan then. How about we figure out the date after we close the forum next week. From then on it will be membership only as I posted in the pinned section. This is going along great guys, just wish things would move faster, but you know how that is. It's funny with this club the way we have to do stuff with officers scattered all over the SW and right now our articles of incorporation are in the mail going from me to JB, to Roger, to Denny, then back to me because each signature must be stamped by a notery then in to the attorney final submittal. We just commited to some very nice claims in the pine trees, but will be too cold in March thereor even April. We also have use of a good sized area at GB for outing activities that is on private land thus we avoid some of the issues regarding "outings" on BLM land. If some of you haven't read the BLM guidelines for land use you should, it's a real eye opener. Bill
  18. Hi Don, There is no link for electronic submittal, but the form is in M Word and you can download it and fill it out if you'd like. It is better for me if it comes with your check in the mail though. I tend to get cornfused sometimes ya know :confused0092: Bill
  19. Hello Slim, Yes I can print it out from this end... Bill
  20. And you got clarification and the rules were posted as well as corrected way before we ever got a membership check and none are cashed. We have spelled it out very clearly from the start to help everyone understand and your issue isn't really a issue if you have not joined and you have not. Anyone that wants their check back is welcome to ask and all we are trying to do is have a fun, safe, and fair setup for everyone. Slim I am not picking on you, I am doing nothing but answering your question with the same tone you asked it, but you have been rehashing this since early in our begining and trying to get folks to condem the rule without success. It is simply how we put this together after numerous discussions and examining other successful clubs. Nope all clubs/associations are not the same and each has developed different rules or guidelines to assure each paid member a place to hunt even if they can only show up for 6 days a year. If in the future our paid members are unhappy about any rule or it seems not to fit anymore a simple vote by members will be the answer and method of change. Bill
  21. Hi Don and All, And that is our exact intent and you hit the nail on the head my friend. There is no reason to stay in one spot for long periods of time anyway as the majority that are partisipating see it. It would be real neat if an area was found to hold exceptional value that we could have a fun group outing and all share in the fun. Many of our claims will be filed with nugget shooting in mind, but there will also be claims for drywashing and or dredgeing. Enforcement should not be a problem with honest and straight forward members who stick to the agreement they legally sign...Right? I really think that ALL that have paid so far are folks we all know from the forums and they have shown themselves to be level headed straight up folks. They obviously agree with what is layed out and are willing to do their part to help this be the best club for beepers out there! It's gonna be a good outfit fellers! Bill
  22. The rules will stay as written, The camping rule is simple it IS BLM LAW period. The usage rule is to make things fair to all and we are a recreational club and all members will be allowed to work the claims equally. No one member will be allowed to stake a claim within a claim to work exclusivly as long as they want. Most clubs have this rule regarding continious use of any one area and we will also and all that have joined agree with this. We do allow a period of 2 weeks within any month in one spot and this is fair to all.... If you do not like it or think us as unfair because we want to have all members out of state and in state to have the same oportunity to work their claims then don't join. To ask about underlying motives is very imature at best only because you would like to selfishly have one area all to yourself as long as you want. Many of the claims we will have are leased from the owner and will also have some use restrictions in place depending on the owners conditions and we will not allow members to abuse this privlidge. Oh by the way Slim, Our motive? to have a great association, with great members that all have the chance to work our claims equally without a few of the locals or others setting up shop and pounding a claim to death without any thought or consideration for fellow PAID members. What other clubs do is not an issue here, but for your info many clubs have this same rule in place, Roadrunners, HSGS, and several more here in AZ. I am not being a jerk here and this was all layed out very clearly, and again If you do not like our rules you don't have to join. We have a gun to no ones head and we are just trying to have a good fair association for all and that requires rules. The ones we have adopted and paid members have agreed to will stand. Bill
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