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  1. Very nice gold Luke and congrats my friend! Hard work and gut feelings can really pay off....
  2. What a bunch of great stuff, thanks everyone and I am going to try several of these recipes
  3. We now have hats in Camo, Khaki, Olive Green, and Navy Blue..... Will be in stock after the first of the year. Also going to do T-Shirts in a Month or so, there will be a poll posted where you can add size and what you want. When 20 folks are interested I will order. Cheers....
  4. What a gorgeous specimen, congrats!
  5. I like the old technology as well, hunt with a modded 3500 (most of the time now) when not using the VLF... The detector itself simply is more versatile and better for the tight places I hunt most times. I am with Adam on the 8" commander coil and I have an old fiberglass NuggetFinder 14 x 7 that really "fits" well.... The high end unit will indeed outdo my 3500 on flat ground in some cases, but having to use a 14 inch or larger coil all the time just will not due in 75% of the areas I like to hunt. If I need to go deep I put on a big coil.... But then again I have never found one detector that will do it "ALL" GH
  6. Nope no pigtail needed and I would like volume adjustment on both cups if possible....
  7. GET BACK THERE! that is going to be a great spot to clean up.... Very pretty stuff, congrats.
  8. I will be sending the prototype set to you Rob per Ronnie's request or you can come pick them up. I am done with them for now and afraid I may steal them
  9. https://thepetroglyph.com/friends-of-cedar-mesa-caught-closing-county-road-illegally-177b6b0d3a1f?fbclid=IwAR3FOLn9QY4dcZSKMB0CtnYAGQeVRMwPQ_AHgJFL-uhJ4uFCH0DIxkFkcQQ
  10. Broke down in the desert, well let Lou's 14 year old son drive and he left the key on on my 1978 Ford badass ex forest service truck..... 2 batteries for cabover in 1999, but I had no darn cables and spare battery had different connectors Took BLM barbed wire from a mine and VIOLA!....
  11. Big time what Tom H. and Mike C. said...... new used or inbetween
  12. https://returntonow.net/2018/11/30/lab-grown-meat-products-quietly-approved-by-fda-and-usda/?fbclid=IwAR1kIDnEXoJCoPcAFkb0ehNpAjDhjT2VUvkBjDbRXHlJMaWdXW7BAJFaAvY
  13. Nice going and nice gold, love the Gold Bug 2 and had one for many years and found me a few nuggets with it
  14. Nice gold, Tammy and I were skunk hunting and got one.... Skunk that is
  15. I have one somewhere.... Was hunting with Stan the weekend before he died in the Kirkland AZ area. We found some nice gold, bees, burned some steaks, and talked. Miss him
  16. https://www.geologyin.com/2015/10/types-of-unconformities.html?fbclid=IwAR0oylNZ14wZEokzjZcycXqHSySlx5-BycV5NJZj0mQQfbA1ns-ygvPo2B8
  17. $4000.00 OBO..... 24 foot 2005 Rampage. Everything works except generator, high lift desert special with 100 gallons water. No stock furniture inside so we use portable stuff. Bed raises and lowers almost to floor (no ladder needed) comes with hitch and anti sway system. Clear title..... Cold AC and full kitchen and bathroom.
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