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  1. Sorry Don, but the 6000 will not be able to use your other GPX coils. The coils for the 6000 are 10 prong and a very different connector. Glad to hear you are getting better my friend.
  2. Nice nuggets and I agree the 6000 is amazing...
  3. It did well Mike and the 17 inch coil seems to not have any major EMI issues at least at LSD. Just to much brush and shallow where I hunt so went back to the 11 until in an area I need a big azz coil like gold basin or Quartzsite etc.
  4. Got to try the 17 inch coil on the 6000 today for about 20 minutes before it started pouring down rain. Very stable and lighter weight than expected and it hears test targets I had very well at depth…. More to come….
  5. Wow Mike sorry to hear that and hope to see ya back at it soon. Didn’t know…. Cheers
  6. Nice Lunk and I am doing the same thing, killing it in beat up patches. I can’t wait for cooler weather to hit some of my better areas. I am going to try the 17 inch coil out tomorrow for a bit after I get Tammy going on her 6000
  7. Hmmmm interesting question and I just don’t know, but likely one of our members better at geology will answer
  8. My thoughts as well and the area I am hunting was known for small gold Quartz stringers in the Schist/Rhyolite contacts. I have found a few small ones still intact that we dug out, always hoping for that big one ☝️
  9. Hi All, Let's see some gold, I can't be the only one finding nuggets Lets see them recent finds fellers and gals
  10. Hi All, Here is my recent specimen as well as a recent 1.8 gram nugget in closeup shots, they are just to cool not to share...
  11. Sorry, but you are wrong. Judging something before trying it is like saying a duck can not swim without seeing it. I have simply told as well as showed my experiences so far and no one is forcing you to try or purchase one. If you owned one and were saying the same I may be paying attention, but.... Anyway it is cheaper than a bass boat. I have now found over 30 nuggets in the few weeks I have owned this detector and most are from areas worked with the machines you mentioned as well as other PI detectors and the gold was still there! But now it is mine and a couple are pretty darn nice ones. The 6000 will hear gold the 7000 missed and there are plenty of Aussie and US users showing just that at YouTube and elsewhere if you take the time to look. In the mid and small nugget range the 6000 hears what the GPZ 7000 could not and yes I own both and know this by experience. Discrimination on a PI is not doable with any accuracy on a PI detector and that is why it is not on this one or the 7000 due to the technology, they had a sort of discrimination on some early Minelab PIs but it was just a breaking threshold type and was not reliable and even discrimination on a VLF can cost you nuggets if using it while hunting. Cheers and good hunting, Bill
  12. I see, No I am sure what is here is not mineable, but indeed present. Now Russia on the other hand has some whopper nuggets of it.
  13. Dang I hate when this happens, hope all is well....
  14. Have you hunted the Lagunas?

  15. Believe it or not there is Platinum in San Doming Wash, https://www.mindat.org/locentry-250209.html
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