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  1. How great is thet? Nice Tom and I hope this it just the beginning of a great season for you!
  2. This reminds me of a feller that came to an outing years ago with something similar, Shep had 2 huge nuggets and when the guy couldn't find them he said they were to close and to big BWAHAHAHA
  3. No need to leave it in pinpoint once you are ready to locate the target. It is normal to hear any machine do that in pin point which is a no motion mode for Just Pin Pointing a target
  4. So there are several studies done on why radios and other electronic devices experience instability at sunrise and yes this includes metal detectors... http://solar-center.stanford.edu/SID/StudentWork/LeandraMerola.pdf Very interesting stuff and explains why most PI detectors and even VLF are a bit unstable at sunrise.
  5. I do not use or sell aftermarket coils for Minelab guy’s sorry
  6. That is a very cool find for sure! Nice....
  7. 28.1 grams and many or most of them are in the videos I share, but some are not as it is nice to get out without the camera and all the hub bub
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