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  1. We need to know how many will attend so Tammy and I can get enough Meat for the main course. We are getting pre-prepared Barbecue Beef and Pork from a 5 star barbecue joint for sandwiches. As usual we expect attendees to bring a side dish for the pot luck as well. After we eat will be the prize giveaway including a new Minelab Metal Detector. So please register here and see ya in November!

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  2. Hi All,

    At this years outing Minelab will be bringing out all 3 models of the new Vanquish Metal Detectors. I will have more details coming at my site(s) by Saturday and we are taking pre orders now as well and you can do it at the store by tomorrow evening. These are not gold detectors, but coin/relic mainly and in a VERY reasonable price range starting at 

    Vanquish 340 at 199.00

    Vanquish 440 at 279.00

    Vanquish 540 at 369.00

    Image result for Minelab vanquish prices

    Image result for Minelab vanquish prices


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  3. I try to keep up with all the posts and questions from you all, but with my store, website,YouTube, and other social media I just can't get to it all and I truly am sorry about that. My focus these days is on education and entertainment through videos at YouTube and that takes allot of time in the field hunting and filming (which I love) so as a result I do not get online to social media like forums and YT near as much as I used to. Plus I still work 4 days a week at property management. So I am not ignoring anyone just busier than heck and being outdoors as much as possible doing what I love. the best way to contact me is by phone 623-910-0345 and LEAVE A MESSAGE please, I get dozens of calls all day long as well as several spam so if no message I rarely return a call unless I know you. However there are some really knowledgeable folks willing to help here and will jump in to answer your questions if they can and I will always keep this great forum going for that reason.

    Thanks as always for your support... Bill AKA Nugget Shooter

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  4. I use the larger coil only when seeking more ground coverage and you will get a little better depth on chunky stuff, but the 5 inch is a bedrock beast. Normally when I am hunting deeper ground for the chunkier nuggets I use a PI detector. The SDC 2300 will hear small nuggets at amazing depth. For shallow ground and bedrock that 5 inch coil is your best bet. Vlf detector do not get the depth advantage a PI does when changing out coils as a rule.

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  5. My Friends this years outing is Dedicated to Jim Straight whom many here knew and most have heard of, Please think of Jim while we are having our outing, he would like that....

    R.I.P. My Old Friend and Mentor...

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