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  1. Thanks Rick and what Mike said on GPAA claims off Dome Rock Road near Quartzsite.
  2. They are compost now still decompose, but not stickers....
  3. Tammy and I are landing Wed afternoon...... Usual spot.
  4. This Is BAD folks and any type of cooperation will be bad for all of us! They are trying to get their foot in the door the same way as they did in CA, OR and elsewhere. It is the same as when a landlord agrees to late rent a few months in a row.... IT IS NOW A CONTRACT. No reason for filing any plan here and simply tell them to follow the LAW!.
  5. Creeping in for the KILL they are Jim, like in CA and elsewhere. Folks we need to support groups like the AMRA and fight or we will be hoping for a prospecting video game to come out because our lands are "Off Limits" https://www.americanminingrights.com/
  6. From Roadrunners.... ATTENTION !! We have just been informed by the BLM that we need a Notice of Intent (NOI) to dredge on our BLM claims. The CFR 3809 and CFR 3715 states that dredging is not casual use. Any claim that is not a casual use claim needs an NOI. This includes all the claims on Black Canyon claims that are on BLM land. As of this date, and until further notice members cannot dredge on any claims on BLM land. The officers of the club are setting up a meeting with the BLM to get clarification on these regulations. We will resolve this as soon as possible and inform every one of further developments. Please understand this is not the clubs mistake, but the BLM’s. They have not enforced these regulations in the past, but now they have decided to do so. We can still dry wash, high bank, sluice, metal detect and pan on these claims. For now, it’s only dredging that is not allowed. Excerpt from BLM web site: PROCESSING CASUAL USE ACTIVITIES A simple example of a Casual Use activity common in Arizona is the operation of prospecting or rock collecting using a metal detector and/or other hand tools while camping on public lands. You cannot engage in suction dredging at a Casual Use level on BLM-administered lands in Arizona. Suction dredging can only be done pursuant to a Notice or Plan, filed under 43CFR 3809. Any camping must be in compliance with all camping regulations and you must not occupy the public lands for more than 14 days in any 90-day period within a radius of 25 miles of your initially occupied site. Casual Use operations involve simple prospecting with hand tools such as picks, shovels, metal detectors, and camping for less than 14 days in a 90-day period. This prospecting does not involve any type of explosives, chemical usage or mechanized earth moving equipment. Small-scale mining devices such as dry washers having engines with less than 10 horsepower are allowed, provided they are fed using only hand tools. Thank you for your cooperation, Les Glover RRPC President
  7. There is only one other Administrator here and that is me Adam and I could care less about reading your private messages, the others are moderators. Skip was just trying to help and you gotta be like that? Really?
  8. They were posted at an Italy gold club site.... From a gold show I think Monaco Mineral Show 2018 cristalli di Oro
  9. I am a Minelab Dealer and it was a Minelab(s) purchases in question and they are doing all they can and serial numbers will be listed as stolen. NO ONE is in reality responsible except ME for taking the Credit Card. No I don't like it, but my only other option is cash only and that will not allow a business to compete. I will take the loss and take steps to avoid falling into this trap again my friend....
  10. Awwwwww you twins are so cute Thanks for the map Clay and Bob.... Well Hi Bob
  11. 239.00 for the coil or you can use PayPal if you want Rick, use nuggetshooter@outlook.com
  12. OK so Debbie from Minelab will be at the outing again this year and we will be doing training on the Equinox and Gold Monster on Saturday along with Kevin Hoagland, Doc, Mike F. Me and perhaps Rob Allison, then Saturday night after dinner it is the free prize drawing with a couple metal detectors in the pile and one is a very nice surprise... Lots of other goodies too, you must be attending the outing and not just for the prizes as you will not have a ticket attendees must have to be eligible. How do you get the ticket? Bring a dish to pass and be a part of the outing and not just showing up for the drawing.... Pretty simple really. There will also be a portable toilet on site for those needing it. There will also be a hold harmless agreement required as well as filming release since some of the outing will make it's way to my YouTube channel See you there!
  13. Good vibe your way my friend
  14. In stock and will save one for you 239.00 Rick....
  15. Most will be attending our outing as well.... Good folks
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