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  1. Hi Rick, It will most likely be from the 1st Jan to 31st Dec and we will pro-rate folks paying between to make them due again on the 1st Jan of the following year. the initial 135.00 will be standard with pro-rate for the next year. Bill
  2. I will not accept any pay whatsoever for anything I do for the WSPA nor will any other board member. It is also written into the bylaws. The scenerio, as presented falls into the "cross that bridge when we come to it" catagory and is a very unlikely scenerio at best. This issue would be very out of the ordinary and would require a vote as outlined again in our bylaws. Good hunting, Bill
  3. Hi All, Good info exchange and it is good to have such knowledge available as we move along. Much of this is mentioned in our bylaws and as mentioned we will deal with it as it comes along. The claim cop issue is very real and all members will have to realize that the agressive attitude and running someone off while acting incredibly stupid will not be how we do it. Photos are the best record and educating the person while being polite as to claim boundries etc. it the best method and ask they do not return without joining. Yes there are those that will hunt anywhere-anytime without a care for private property, claims or anything else like filling holes on the land they pilfer. How do I know this? I have seen it and could mention names and so could many of you, but that is not the issue here. Would the WSPA let a person into the club that we know does this sort of thing? NO. As a private club we have the power to restrict or adjust membership with a simple majority vote and when this power is used correctly and fairly it will be our saving grace when these issues arise from time to time. We have a very knowledgeable base of members and officers at this time and many have seen first hand some of the many problems faced by clubs and how they handled them good or bad. This knowledge is valuable in that it will help us to avoid some of those nasty issues. Blatant disregard for our guidelines and or other members will be swiftly dealt with by the board and members to "fix" the problem. If in fact a member is removed all pro-rated dues will be returned for the rest of the year. In my experience many times when folks say your rules suck it is because they had visions of breaking those rules selfishly without regard for others or their rights as a member and we really hope to avoid those types of issue. Our rules are simple and serve everyone equally as well as being within BLM and Corporation guidelines and will be enforced out of fairness to all. We have presented this as best we can for all prospective members and I guess if folks don't like what we are about they can opt out without paying a dime. We will be sharing no internal info of the claim locations or club operations until the paid memberships are requested and received and the password changes in a few weeks when we are a licensed corporation. I spoke with our attourney (Illeen McGuire) in Wickenburg yesterday and she said she is about done and we will be ready for final submission next week. At that time (when incorporatd) we will open a bank account at Wells Fargo and begin operations. Info on monthly meetings (chat) will be outlined and use of the chat room explained so our meetings can be organized without chit-chat and interuption. As already mentioned many times, All private info and claim info will be sent through the mail only and each member will be responsible for keeping that info out of the hands of others especially claim info. We are currently very active in development of same. This club will also ask that ALL members take part in activities to help the club and as a member you will at some point be asked to do so in your area or???? This is important in that ist creates pride in your club and will keep us working and running smoothly, we are non-profit and need the members to help! Hopefully we will avoid taking in members that are in it for the gold only, club be damned. If you feel this way then perhaps WSPA is not for you, this is not directed at anyone, but we all know some clubs have to deal with this and finding anyone to help in club efforts is tuff and it seems the same folks are left to hold things together time after time while much of membership is happy just to work the claims and do nothing. I really hope we don't end up in that rut which leads to...well...you know. I think that with this base of folks from a forum where we all know each other things may just amaze us in how well it goes! Good hunting, Bill
  4. Yes your wife is included and the guidelines regarding this are in the bylaws. Bill
  5. Thanks Roger, My spelling isn't the greatest sometimes it is all taken care of. Bill
  6. Hi All, I know there has been a few minor issues with some of the rules, but after lots of research and study on this we think we have come up with a set of guidelines fair to all and within the legal boundries set by authorites that over see our non-profit corporation. These things are not easy to get going and the forming of the club was left to us if it was gonna happen and we are doing just that. I am sorry if a few of you think what we are doing is not right regarding restrictions of claim use etc., but if you give it some thought you will understand I think. The final drafts you have seen are pretty much it and if later any changes are deemed necessary by paid members they will need to be made through the voting process after study of all applicable laws governing our corporation and BLM or Forest Service rules and regulations. We are very serious about making this a success and the guidelines we have set so far are necessary to achieve this success. We are always open to your concerns and ideas and all offers of help will be addressed as needed and trust me my friends we will need your help in this. It will be time over the next month or so to develop claims and work with lease offers to give our fledgling club a good base of gold producing claims and this process is already well under way. After incorporation and as the club begins to look at more claims paid members will be recruited to help with assessment of prospective claims in their areas. This will be very important work and if you have some good ideas, lets get them moving along ASAP. I am looking into a couple areas I used to have under claim and still hunt as are others at this time here in AZ. I am really excited to be able to start up an organization with a base of such knowledgeable and respected folks as you here at this forum and I really think this will fly. Thank you for trusting Dennis, Roger, John, and I with this task...I think :tisc-tisc: Next step?...We exist :icon_mrgreen: Bill
  7. Some of you have already commited to the WSPA and thank you, The lawyer said it will be about 35 days until we can actually beging to do business as the WSPA Inc. and we will be holding all checks until that time. Also all club info and areas under claim and proposed claims will not be available untill that time as well. We will be using this 35 days to get things put together including map packets to the claims we already have available to us. No money sent to the club will be used until again we are licensed and a legal corporation. The foundation is now laid, time to build! This will be a lot of fun, Bill
  8. Hi Guys, Yup we are just a bunch of miners and the BLM recognizes clubs for what we are. That being said we are limited to 14 days at one site befor having to move and all clubs including the GPAA, Roadrunners, HCGS, and the rest's members are bound by the same laws and it is in their paperwork as well. Same rules on Forest Service Lands.... We will be following these guidelines as we are obligated by law to do so. This was all researched prior to our starting this endeavor and following the law is essential for survival as a club. So how do mining operations big and small do it? Lots of red tape, insurance (reclaim) bonds, and a strict plan of operation. Then you apply for permission to stay at your claim to operate after proving is essential to operation of your mine. There ya have it and it will be in our rules. Bill
  9. BLM allows only 14 days camping in any one spot within a several mile radius and we are bound to that law. As club claims and listed under recreational mining as our purpose and full scale operations and long term camping is not allowed. We are required to make sure this is the case in our rules as well as bylaws to avoid losing claims due to ignoring BLM guidelines. More detailed info will be included with membership as well as any different added restrictions that the BLM also includes depending on location such as plan of operation and mining restrictions. Like it or not we are bound by laws set in place by the BLM regarding how we are able to use the claims as a club. Bill
  10. Hi All, can one of you thats a whiz with a PC come up with a membership card template? using the logo with a place for name, id #, year? That can be used with standard size business cards. Thanks in advance, Bill
  11. Here are the rules and our application. The bylaws are simple and straight forward as outlined by the rules of incorporation and will be available to all members. All claim info as well as internal club info will be available to all paid members upon joining. The rules as you see are very simple. I will have a mailing address by later today and will post it to accept your applications. Bill WSPA_rules_and_regs.rtf application_form.rtf
  12. Hi All, To help sum up what Dennis has said we do not want the same political messes etc. that some other clubs have found themselves involved in and will do our best to make sure that does not happen. As a non-profit corporation we do however have to (by law) hold elections each year for the board of directors that all members vote in. This is about as political as we will get and our bylaws allow for removal of a unsatisfactory board member by vote. All club information and especially claim info will be held in the strictest cofidence with paid members only being given directions and info to claims. Leased claims and their use (controlled by owner) will also be clearly outlined to each member. Trust me here my friends we have all seen the bad in clubs as well as the good and we are doing our best to make sure this is a good one. Our bylaws are being presented to our lawyer in Wickenburg tomorrow for inspection and then it will be submitted for our right to do business as Western States Prospecting Association. We will have a PO Box in Morristown, AZ and a bank account with Wells Fargo. I think one of the big differences in this club and others will be members and our core is already made up of folks many of us know and trust. This bond we all already share will make this endeavor a success. Good hunting, Bill
  13. Hi Rex, I understand and to be truthful folks that have that attitude would only be a deterence to the club anyway and it's best they just stay suspicious and a non-member. Merry christmas, Bill
  14. Pretty simple really, If you don't trust us or think we are out to steal claims then don't join :shrug: Pretty hard to steal something you legally file on or lease though I'd say. I'm sure there are folks that don't trust others out there and ya just can't please anyone. My Grandfather once told me "if you take a firm stand at anything and try to make it work there will be people that don't like it no matter how good the deed" Good hunting, Bill
  15. Prospecting... Damn...I'll go fix that. Bill
  16. Hi Slim and All, We're moving right along here and thanks! I just purchased www.westernstatesprospectorsassociation.com for the club and will transfer it over after we are incorporated. It was registered today and is ready to go. All the WSPA domains were taken and the owner wants $$ for them :hmmmmmm: I know it's a rather long address, but it will be fine. Good hunting, Bill
  17. Howdy lotsa luck, Well to sum that one up "all of the above" as there will be someone that does other than beeping involved I'd guess. I think most of our focus is on claims great for nugget shooting though. If a leased claim is not to be used for other than detecting that will be listed with the claim info we provide our members. You are correct about the lease agreement and we will be getting one put together ASAP. This agreement should include a gaurantee that the claim owners rights and rules for use be strictly adhered to as well. If an area is off limits or otherwise not usable by the club this will be clearly outlined with the claim information and any member that breaks this agreement will be ejected from the club plain and simple. There is allot of trust involved when someone loans use of a good claim and essentially gives away potential nuggets to our members and we will not allow abuse of this trust. Good hunting, Bill
  18. Just so you all know we are not charging folks that donate claims for the club to use for memberships. The donation of use of their claims is quite enough to join as we see it. It is simply the proper way to handle this don't ya think? Bill
  19. Cool Slim, I'll get the sub domain together as soon as we are incorporated next week. If you want to throw a front page together in your html editor in the meantime we could look at please do... Bill
  20. Hi All, That fee is when broken down less that 15.00 per month to have what will amount to 100s of acres of claims to work eventually and the repeat fee of 135.00 per year will assure that we are able to gain more as we mature as a successful group. Quite reasonable really and unlike the GPAA we will own many of our claims as well as lease. I don't think being the biggest will ever be our intention, just the best! Bill
  21. Hi Guys, I will have a club website up in a few days and yes we can sure use a couple folks willing do donate some time and build it. Anyone interested? It will be a sub domain donated by me at no cost as with the forum and chat. Rick can you write html? Bill
  22. Yes and as you mentioned Roger, personal info etc. regarding members and their addresses will be kept confidential. We will have this info when actual registration starts sometime in the next couple weeks. Bill
  23. That is a great thought Gary and I don't see that being a problem at all. So folks how about I post that info as we gain members. I will not be doing it until we have actually incorporated and in a sence are born. That will be next week. Bill
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