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  1. butter, garlic, and a bit of soy sauce is killer Bob
  2. I am putting up a video soon Bill on my first amature 5 gallon bucket grow. Came out well and learned a lot about growing Oyster Mushrooms with several 32 to 4 pound masses of shrooms from each bucket. I am making a few changes and paying better attention to my mycelium and not letting it incubate past when I should have fruited again (went trout fishing)
  3. WTG Tom, Glad ya got out and dinks are good!
  4. Hey I finally got some blue scoops in and I have sent all out I have found that ordered except 3 folks! Please call me or give an address at nuggetshooter@outlook.com Cheers, Bill
  5. OK all, so I bet most of you have dug little bits of wires that almost look to screws, but have no head on them. They give a great signal and I have found them in most goldfields I have hunted over the years. So what are they? well I got this email and photo from a friend in Australia yesterday after showing on in my video.. I would have never guessed, but there they are! Hello Bill, despite knowing that it's not that important, I am sending You a photo of part of a leather boot upper with those wire bits still attached.I found it on diggings.In my childhood days remember watching a cobbler using wood splinters for the same purpose while waiting for a repair.It was in Prague and he called those bits of wood - flocks originating from German word for it.(early 1950)He would use dozens in a single sole.That is why there is so many of them scattered around. Itching to go bush detecting ,or panning, but we are in lock down ,regards George
  6. RIP Fred, So sad and a good friend, lots of good memories.
  7. All done Max, because I know ya mean it, cheers
  8. Yes sir, give me user name, email, and a check to PO BOX 576 Morristown, AZ 85342 and poof the ads will be gone.... Thanks for your support my friend
  9. Premium members do not see ads.... Just that simple folks.
  10. I will be there with Patrick, Lars, Gary and a few others I know of. We may not make it Thursday due to rain all day yesterday, but will be there Friday morning otherwise. We have plenty of food on the shelves in Wickenburg and other stuff is also available. Strange times....
  11. Well done fellers! Yes it is still out there...
  12. I was told by a couple different folks that are sort of "in the know" that there is now a agent at the BLM specifically dealing with clubs, I asked Denny to reach out to you regarding this. We sent in letters a couple months back to designate Denny as our Agent for claim signing etc. and both were returned with my check. I called and was told they are no longer allowing this... If Denny has not been in touch I will call him today.
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