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  1. Nugget Shooter

    The Metal Detectorists Creed

    Love it Doc and heal fast my friend
  2. Nugget Shooter

    Got a specimen

    What a gorgeous specimen, congrats!
  3. Nugget Shooter


    Good going Gary....
  4. Nugget Shooter

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    LOL just your standard 5.00 weed pipe
  5. Nugget Shooter

    Power of the Super Detector 2200V2

    I like the old technology as well, hunt with a modded 3500 (most of the time now) when not using the VLF... The detector itself simply is more versatile and better for the tight places I hunt most times. I am with Adam on the 8" commander coil and I have an old fiberglass NuggetFinder 14 x 7 that really "fits" well.... The high end unit will indeed outdo my 3500 on flat ground in some cases, but having to use a 14 inch or larger coil all the time just will not due in 75% of the areas I like to hunt. If I need to go deep I put on a big coil.... But then again I have never found one detector that will do it "ALL" GH
  6. Nugget Shooter

    DetectorPro and GM 1000

    Nope no pigtail needed and I would like volume adjustment on both cups if possible....
  7. Nugget Shooter

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    GET BACK THERE! that is going to be a great spot to clean up.... Very pretty stuff, congrats.
  8. Nugget Shooter

    When Skunk Isn't A Skunk

    Good one Mike and nice IHP
  9. Nugget Shooter

    DetectorPro and GM 1000

    I will be sending the prototype set to you Rob per Ronnie's request or you can come pick them up. I am done with them for now and afraid I may steal them
  10. https://thepetroglyph.com/friends-of-cedar-mesa-caught-closing-county-road-illegally-177b6b0d3a1f?fbclid=IwAR3FOLn9QY4dcZSKMB0CtnYAGQeVRMwPQ_AHgJFL-uhJ4uFCH0DIxkFkcQQ
  11. Nugget Shooter

    Profile Picture

  12. Nugget Shooter

    went out for a wobble again

    Very Nice Fred
  13. Nugget Shooter

    Whats in your break down bag

    Broke down in the desert, well let Lou's 14 year old son drive and he left the key on on my 1978 Ford badass ex forest service truck..... 2 batteries for cabover in 1999, but I had no darn cables and spare battery had different connectors Took BLM barbed wire from a mine and VIOLA!....
  14. Nugget Shooter

    Looking to buy Minelab GP 3000

    Big time what Tom H. and Mike C. said...... new used or inbetween