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  1. The 107 test is actually not all that hard, I had to go over the charts and weather parts a couple times in my class from http://pilotinstitute.com , then you can even take practice tests. Took me about 3 weeks with me being quite busy with life, BUT I learned so much I recommend you take the course whether you intend to get the license or not Also it is legal to have a remote P.I.C. go out with you when you fly with his or her guidance or get him to do your photos for you as well... Worth following the law because the fines can be quite hefty
  2. Here is the file download and upgrade utility Minelab Update Utility - EQUINOX Upgrade 3.0 (Windows).exe
  3. Gas powered or puffer, small unit not a 151 or similar. 6239100345
  4. RIP my friend, I really enjoyed working with him and Bill Crabtree when Eric Foster was fine tuning the TDI as a gold detector long ago.
  5. Next the offending members will be addressed, all I can say it is disrespectful and yes breaking the rules. If you show up one day and can't get in you know why, nuff said. Soooooo if you fellers decide to flare up again, C-Ya. Like Skip said there are several and you know who you are? Dang ya get a nice place to play that is free if ya want and ya go and start breaking the windows out. sheeeeese
  6. I have the DJI Mavic Mini and the DJI Mavic Air... Amazing what they can do...
  7. Hi Adam, you have to have an FAA part 107 drone license to use any drone video to make any type of money or in trade for goods. This includes YouTube , filming for a realtor, anything that makes money. Hefty fines if someone turns you in or if you are caught. You can get a recreational license, but can not use the video online if monetized, all drones over .55 pounds must be registered, but only part 107 operators must get the license, 150.00 for the class and another 160.00 to take the final exam for license at a local airport or other FAA location. Fines range from 1000.00 to 36000.00 if cau
  8. It has nothing to do with Minelab, this is my decision not to host a large gathering until all this crap is over with.
  9. Need more Doc, you get my message Friday? Oh and I think they are just dandy and quoting brother Dave "stupidly small gold" stays well in the scoop
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