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  1. We will arrive Friday Morning... See ya all there
  2. The targets you show mean you are not going to miss one if you get over it, Nice work
  3. Nope, the wind moving the flags moves the whole camper... Irritating. Camo truck and cabover is pretty idable
  4. We will be here.... West bound on I-10 from Quartzsite, exit I-10 on exit 11. At stop sign turn left under interstate and left again staying right on Dome Rock Road. When you turn onto Dome Rock Road travel East Toward Quartzsite for 1.4 miles to the SW corner of the GPAA Flat Foot claim, coordinates; 33° 38' 36.416"N 114° 18' 12.440"W. You do not need to be a member to camp, but must be a member to prospect. I will have a few membership with me just in case....
  5. See you there Jim, will be speaking both days.....
  6. Are they still active? was a member for years, but they kind of went under the radar....
  7. They are all loaded with gold..... Ham
  8. Nice nugget and I have also found many like that in almost 30 years hunting with a detector.
  9. Quartzsite metal detecting club, Roadrunners, GPAA
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